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Caroline Tyrwhitt

Empowering Women to Be The Best Version of Themselves

Caroline has been described as ‘the teacher’. An inspirational friend once gifted her an Australian aboriginal totem of the bear, which she realised reflected so many of the qualities embodied in NLP. Bear can help you discover, acknowledge and empower personal abilities that we may otherwise underestimate. Caroline has put these qualities and this role into practice as a classroom teacher, a senior leader in a comprehensive school in charge of pastoral care and now as a coach and trainer. And always as a friend.


Through either courses or coaching, Caroline will support you to find personal success, change an aspect of your life that is not working for you. You will have  an opportunity to reflect at a deep unconscious level and apply techniques to change your old thoughts and behaviours to new ones that will help you now. Through coaching, she can challenge you and guide you to overcome barriers and see clearly the image you want to project in the world. You will enjoy lightbulb moments and the joy of increased self-awareness and understanding. Imagine feeling inspired, motivated and full of confidence to be the best version of you.


Caroline has a passion for helping people find their uniqueness and channel their inner awesome, not allowing themselves to be defined by others or to be marginalised.Focussing on our wellbeing strengthens us, gives us resilience and inspires us to be the best we can be. If you are committed to making the change needed to be the person you aspire to be, to be the best version of you, email for more details.


Caroline has a BA and BEd, and is a Certified NLP trainer and master practitioner. 


Awards and Affiliations

Association of Integrative Psychology

Association for NLP

Caroline Tyrwhitt

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