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Carmel Glenane B A Dip Ed. Owner/Director of Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™️ and Mystery School, has studied esoteric and psychological disciplines since 1975. The Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™️ is one of only 16 Crystal Tones® singing bowl Temples in the world.

A channelled writer, esoteric teacher and sought after visionary healer, Carmel books:

“The Alchemies of Isis Embodiment through The High Priestess”, “Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart a Blue Print for Living in the Now”, “Embodying The Divine Masculine of All Truth, through The High Priest”, “The Miracle of the Mysteries Revealed through The Hearts Secrets” and her most recent to be published book “The Final Secret” form the core teaching text for The Divine Feminine Philosophy taught through The Atlantis Rising Mystery School Ascension Training programme. Her business stocks the largest retail gallery of Crystal Tones® Advanced Alchemy singing bowls in Australia and are played in all training and tour programmes.

Known for her transformative tours, sacred ceremonies and powerful vortex gridding around the world in sacred tour destinations such as: Egypt (17 tours), Japan (5 tours) North, Central and South America, and Australia.

With over 25 years experience in the self-development industry, Carmel helps people to facilitate their journey to the Intelligent Heart through the energy of ‘The Mothers’ wisdom.

Her Internationally Accredited Heart Activation Training Programmes are assisting humanity shift consciousness exponentially into Heart Consciousness.  Her Revolutionary Quantum Heart Activations, challenge people to take Personal Responsibility for what is happening to them and our world. Her trainings embody the principles of Gratitude and Allow all attendees to become their own Heart Whispers.

1 Day Workshop - Sunday 7/7/19

5 Day Accredited Training Program - 9th - 13th September 2019

Carmel’s ecstatic energy, charisma, impactful coaching and the embodiment of her mission turn your dreams to reality.

Next Egypt Tour Dates: 11th - 24th November 2019

Next  Japan Tour Dates: May 2020

Heart , I Love You,



Awards and Affiliations

Member of International Energetic Healing Association. Accredited Course Provider with IEHA.

Carmel Glenane

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