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Carell Mehl

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Energy Healer, Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Assertiveness Mastery Program Author and Creator, Personal Development Specialist

I have been working with energy healing for over 2 decades! I mainly focus on sickness, illness, and disease and personal development.

What causes sickness or illnesses? How did the energy become so trapped that it manifested in such a way and how do we treat that? This is what questions I have been asking and with the tools and knowledge I have gathered over the years I believe that self-healing is VERY possible! Clients have come to me with a wide range of afflictions ranging from small aches and pains to anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and mental illness.  If your willing to put in the work I believe positive change is possible!

Personal development, this topic is very close to me. I too went through a life change and have seen and felt the struggles that many people have suffered. Good news! That light at the end of the tunnel, it is reachable and I would love to help you find your way there!

My Story

My journey started out just like most of you! I was fed up with the way things were going and I needed to find the real and true me again! My personal journey was not easy at all, it was a huge change from what I used to but I needed to find my truth and knew the only way I could truly be happy and satisfied was if I took back the control and did what was right for me, whatever that turned out to be. 

I was in my mid-thirties when I hit the wall. I was lost, confused, scared and afraid and my life was beginning to fall apart. Outwardly I had it all; great career, husband, kids, house, vacations every year but inside I was in turmoil. I had risen to the level of controller for a major oil services firm but was not in the career I truly wanted. My marriage was strained and as the years and months kept going by I became more unhappy and miserable by the minute and my body and my life were paying the price.
I had one thing that kept me going; through it all, I knew there was “something” out there that I was connected with and it was watching over me and it kept pushing me to get more connected with it. That feeling that with just a little more energy and direction focused in the right place that I could improve my life immensely never left me. That was the knot that I held onto when I was at the end of my rope.
And since I really had no other choice I decided to take action. I began to study Reiki in 1997 and immediately felt a shift in my life happen. Reiki helped me realize that it was not just my own energy that I needed to deal with but that it was also critical how I handled the energy of the people around me, including my co-workers and even my own family. I continued studying Reiki for several more years, becoming a Reiki Master in 2000 and then began to explore Shamanism in 2001. 
By 2005 my life had changed dramatically. I left my high powered job in the corporate world and went to work in a holistic clinic for several years and while this improved my work environment I knew that I eventually needed to pursue my own teaching path and founded Ki Lifestyle in 2001 and have been teaching Reiki, Shamanic Reiki and energy healing full time since 2005. 
The shift in my life has been nothing short of awesome. I cannot begin to tell you how working with energy, shifting my own around and being able to deal with other people’s, has improved my life. I have found peace and happiness, my marriage has come back to life, my friendships are stronger, my body is healthier and most of all I have found that special connection I knew was there all along. I now call it my connection to Spirit, but whatever you may want to call it is fine.

I just know I have found my place in the universe. Let me help you find yours.

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Awards and Affiliations

As a WU Best Help featured member, I offer a sliding scale for programs and reduced rates on my services of  Shamanic/Reiki for one on one sessions and a FREE consult to assist you with emotional and physical energy healing.  KI LIfestyle also offers from the "Community of Reiki Healers" Group Virtual Healings based on a donation of any denominationPlease go to our Home page  to link you to the services menu and select the BEST WU section to book your appointment or request information from Carell Mehl RT-SPT

Causes and Organizations

The Community of Reiki Healers

The Canadian Reiki Association

The Universal Founder of Holistic Design - President and one of the founders (In Work in progress of our site)


Certifications and Credentials

Certified - Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher - Institute of Shamanic Medicine

Usui Reiki Master and Teacher - Blue Dragon Reiki School

Carell Mehl

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