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I am a life coach and counsellor currently living in Cambodia but I am originally from Australia. I specialise in crisis coaching which basically means I help people navigate their way through a specific crisis or difficult time in their lives so they can move through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. I have developed a 5 step strategy which is a very simple and highly effective method to get my clients through difficult life events or crises. I developed this program initially to finally get myself out of a pattern of crises and now use it as a platform to help others get through their crisis.

I run an 8 week program using the 5 step strategy as a platform and also incorporates a technique called Schema Therapy which is a little like CBT and includes a detailed psych profile to help tap into the subconscious. The program consists of 2 calls per week plus email access in between if required. I also teach EFT (tapping) as part of the course to improve coping skills.

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I am involved with WRC Cambodia which is an organisation to end domestic violence in Cambodia, I speak regularly at their rally's.

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