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Bridgid Ruden

In May of 2008, life altering experiences emerged in lieu of my life's vision. Following a bicycle accident peddling on a muddy wet biking trail, I succumbed severe traumatic brain injury, a silent epidemic in our nation. Near death experiences and other's vision of me not continuing to sustain life emerged. When my life returned, I was propelled into a hurricane of brain-altering occurrences that spiraled me backwards in time from forty four years of age to three years of age, as I relearned so many life skills. My prestigious professional career as a Nurse Practitioner vanished. I was saddened, lost, and so empty inside.  Despite my life's turmoil, a flame within my soul erupted as I swam through such a challenging tide. I continued to swim within my brain's whirlwind waves, grasping to create a vessel to display the healing that can arise from suffering. My mind, body and spirit readjusted and my determination continued to excel.  Within one year, after re-learning to read, write and speak, I created and verbalized a presentation of my life experience displaying how I moved from tragedy to triumph. Health care professionals had never seen anyone severe traumatic brain injured progress as I did. I further embellished my life through presenting my story nationally and internationally. As I share my life’s journey, attendees are amazed, uplifted, inspired, educated and surrounded with hope and reassurance. I have also appeared on TV, radio and published in articles and books. My book, Discovering My Life’s Purpose: from Tragedy to Triumph, is published.

My life's purpose didn't leave me; it merely merged to a higher realm.
You can check out my latest interview HERE.

Awards and Affiliations

(2014). Distinguished Public Service Award from the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa

Causes and Organizations

Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa

Epilepsy Foundation of Iowa

Bridgid Ruden

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