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Brent Borovan

Managing Director / CTO - Noviden Technologies Inc.

Since 2005, I am the Co-founder of The #1 factor in poor health is your diet. MealEasy® is designed to help get anyone on the the right track, showing EXACTLY what to eat and how to prepare healthy home-made meals with ease. With a MealEasy meal plan the results are nothing short of LIFE CHANGING!

Includes access to over 2000 healthy meals, and six meal plans including Balanced, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Heart Healthy, Gluten Free and Vegetarian. Designed for use by anyone.

MealEasy is also designed for health and fitness organizations, benefits providers, fitness and health professionals, with options for white-label licensing, voucher / gift card bundling, discount offers, and affiliate options available.|

Why MealEasy?
- Improve health by fixing the ROOT cause... Poor diet.
- Know EXACTLY what to eat and have a plan that guarantees results.
- Based on healthy whole food ingredients.
- Personalized to your unique requirements
- One click grocery lists for easy shopping
- Accessible anywhere at anytime on PC/Mac, tablets and smartphones!

Awards and Affiliations

A+ BBB Rated provider, established in 2005.

Brent Borovan

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