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Brenda Rachel

I Am a "Messenger of Hope" for the Angels. Let Me Ask the Angels Your Questions!

MY VISION -  It is My Desire to Inspire Everyone Who Comes Across My Path to Help Change this World into One of Unconditional Love and Universal Peace through Caring, Consideration, Compassion, Kindness and Respect.

As an Angel Healing Practitioner, I can help you with questions about your career, finances, health, life purpose and family or other relationships.  If you have issues you would like clarified, I can assist you by bringing direction and guidance through the Messages from Your Angels.  I use my senses: hearing, feeling, knowing and seeing when communicating with the Angelic Realm.  I bring awareness to you of the Angels' presence in your life, the availability of their assistance and teach you how to invoke the power of the Angels to transform your life.  Angel Readings are through Skype (outside Canada) or Phone (in Canada).  Email for more information.

Brenda Rachel is the author of an inspirational and spiritual quote book, "IN THIS MOMENT ANGELS’ SWEET REFLECTIONS", which was channeled to her through the Angels while she was on disability with serious back and hip pain.  She says “I am a ‘Messenger for the Angels’, delivering words of encouragement, inspiration, hope, love, peace and joy.  I want to inspire everyone to “Never Give Up, No Matter What!"  "There is Always Hope!"

Brenda Rachel is also a composer and songwriter of inspirational/spiritual music, her EP record, “In This Moment”.  Her inspirational songs began being channeled to her by the Angels complete with music and lyrics in 2004, when she was on disability and unable to walk for several months.  She says "I would lay on the couch and ask God and the Angels why am I in such excruciating pain, what do you want me to learn from this experience and how can I serve you?"  Brenda Rachel also has a YouTube Music Channel, Humanity With Heart, with easy listening, zen, inspirational, spiritual, instrumental and orchestral music, accompanied by beautiful photos and her angelically-channeled messages.

Brenda Rachel

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