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Bonnie Sheldon works with people in transition, crisis and transformation as a Coach and Spiritual Mentor. She has spent her professional lifetime passionately devoted to healing, having served over 9,000 individuals and multiple thousands of workshop and corporate clients, from high profile individuals and celebrities to children and veterans.

Her personal journey, facing a rare sister illness to Lupus with an initial six month prognosis to live over two decades ago brought her a personal understanding of transition and crisis. Her practice now includes in-person sessions, workshops, writing and speaking for people transitioning from a broken heart (Heartbreak Rescue TM),  and her most recent focus: Seniors facing the difficulties of aging while dealing with such issues as being suddenly single, problems with children and grandchildren, care giving, etc.).

The popular Heartbreak Rescue TM program can be found at its website:

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Trained in over 40 modalities Ms. Sheldon presently uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Meridian Tapping), Matrix Re-imprinting and other 'Energy Psychologies' to help people clear their limiting beliefs, painful previous life experiences, and other issues which block their ability to move forward as whole individuals, in joy.  She bases her work on the love and compassion that have been with her since her early years, leading to this healing work.

For a bit more:

Her journey began when, following her graduation from Princeton as a University Scholar, she moved to NYC as a professional dancer and choreographer. She danced for several well-known choreographers and then started her own successful modern dance company which toured, performing and teaching nationally and internationally for twelve years. Her interest in the mind-body connection developed as she saw depressed dancers become 'injury prone,' happy dancers heal from injuries more quickly, and she entered the training program at The Institute for Movement Studies to become a Certified Movement Analyst.

In additional trainings in Reiki, as an Iyengar Yoga teacher, a Tai Chi Teacher, at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and later as a dance therapist on the psychiatric unit at Bellevue Hospital, she learned just how deeply our mind and body are inextricably connected. She studied with and was Certified by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen ( ) and opened her own Body-Mind Centering Practice.

She later studied theology on a graduate level at Union Theological Seminary, which led her to work in pastoral care and counseling, primarily with a disability portfolio, marrying her own experiences understanding both disability and the links between our bodies and our minds with her by then longstanding spiritual path. {It was during this time that she served as first Vice-President and then President of 'The Committee on Disabilities' of the National Council of Churches, often counseling individuals trying to successfully transition and make meaning of their lives following the sudden onset of a disability.}

Always searching for guidance on living a life of love and compassion, after leaving the formal ministry, she explored other spiritual paths more deeply, already another life-long interest. For over three decades she been an initiate of her meditation guru, Master Darshan Singhji, the successor to the famed Indian mystic Master Kirpal Singhjis.She also studied American Indian healing medicine and later contemporary shamanism, has been an in-depth student of Buddhism and has long channeled and been gifted to be guided by the healing energy of Angels and other Divine Light Beings and Spirit Guides.

In addition to her professional practice, her speaking or writing, for which she can be contacted at, she can be reached for spiritual mentoring and soul development at her spirituality oriented facebook page, Founded out of a deep need to spread the message of support for a life in the Divine Light, in the past two years Spirituality Fountain has touched the lives of over 8,000 readers with the inspiration offered.  She is honored, and would be honored to help you, either as a professional coach with wide psychological experience for your personal difficulties, or spiritually, as you face the various challenges we all face as we consider how to become the person we were meant to be. "I hold out my hand to you."

Bonnie Sheldon

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