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Bonita Cotter

Let Kindness Be the Gift You Give and the Gift You Inspire!

Hello. My name is Bonita Cotter and I'm grateful to be here with the Wellness Universe. I have a small business called Where the Heart Goes. It all began when I left work in September of 2008 to look after my mother. She  had moved in with me and I became her primary caregiver. In the beginning there were challenges because I was used to being on the road everyday teaching women how to both use the computer and how to feel better about themselves. All of a sudden I was at home everyday with my mum. We were two strong willed women so there were some definite times where we had a difference of opinion. With patience and practice we overcame the challenges as we got to know each other as two women making their way in this world.  Ironically we spent almost 9 months together and during those months Heartpasses were born; small hearts of clay designed to be given to caregivers who helped care for my mother as she neared the end of her life on earth with us. This is important because heartpasses are the product of the love shared between mother and daughter. They have been making their way around the world since those early years.  In the creation and design of each heart, there is never a time I don't think about my mother and the gift she left within my heart. Each heartpass is intended to travel a journey of kindness, uniting people all around the world and reminding us that kindness heals!  Please visit and find out more about our journey!

Bonita Cotter

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