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I have lived and worked in southern Big Sur since 1973. Born in New Jersey, I have a deep appreciation for nature, and for the human dimension of spiritual expression within it.  As a working artist, I love the fullness of expression that we humans can make use of to flourish.


This led me to my current endeavor.  I am a writing coach, specializing in helping women who are ready to regroup, to make changes in their lives, step out of burnout and into a more rewarding and productive life.  I am deeply passionate about freeing up creativity in older women so they can express themselves fully in writing.


I am the author of “Prevail: Seven Keys to Create a Personal Victory”. “Prevail” tells my story of rising from extreme abuse as a child to living a life that is full, happy and rewarding. It outlines the way to take whatever has happened in life and make it useful, changing pain into meaning, and then into healing.


“Prevail” is the keynote of a program that is designed to help you make the most of this precious life, reconnecting with what matters to you, and defining your own success.


As your writing coach, I will support you in all aspects of the creative process for writing, with resources that will make your message shine the way it is meant to do.


Betty Withrow

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