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Bernadette Rose Smith

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Your intuitive guide and personal muse empowering you in heart, home and lifestyle.

Muse. Intuitive Guide. Author. Artist. Blogger. Visionary.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

Welcome! I am so excited we found each other in this big, wonderful Wellness Universe because muses love to travel in good company. And because I know that there are no coincidences. You are here for a reason.

I am the resident muse of MuseFusions – the playground where I inspire and empower others while engaging in all the activities that I love to share. (Well, most all.) As a personal muse and intuitive guide, I offer an eclectic blend of inspiration for your heart, home and lifestyle to release the energy that sustains more of what makes you smile. My experience spans over two decades – but who’s counting – in a fusion of creative and spiritual modalities. My passion is finding, encouraging and strengthening the positive links between where you live and how you live– so you can live well!

“LiFe is meSSy. bE YOU aNyway.”

A major life transition of my own led me to this work so I understand how the emotional impact of change can sometimes slow a process. What I love about being an intuitive guide and muse is that I get to show folks how to honor their pace – lightly – while holding their vision.

“Words are the leaves. Deeds are the fruits.”

Spirit-Art-Words. Art-Words-Spirit. Words-Spirit-Art. It doesn’t matter where I start; one always leads to the other two in fascinating fusions that Spirit prompts me to share.

Intuitive Readings:  I specialize in readings that move energy by locating stories (blockages) that no longer serve the inquirer and are waiting for recognition and release. I use a variety of divination methods in addition to direct communication with Spirit. My primary delight is a storytelling card fusion that my angels instructed me to use in 1996. This is a nicely balanced read that focuses on nine areas of life-concerns and what is going on at the time of the inquiry. It continues to be one of the most asked for favorites among clients and friends and makes for a great periodic check-in and energy mover. (Especially in times of transition or new ventures.) This reading takes 90 minutes and I am currently offering an introductory special for newcomers. Go to MuseFusions • Readings for more info.

Inspiritus Guided Altars:  This form of reading is a fusion of word, art and spirit-guided messages through the creative art form of an altered book, custom made for the inquirer as a powerful and very personal portal to that place of inspiritus within. Colors, textures, words, subject matter, places for interaction and contemplation ... each book is different as each book is channeled. This is inspired art with a message, created for you. Some symbols and messages are immediately apparent; others grow or appear when you are ready to see them. Any information that comes through that is not to be shared visually will be shared verbally. Think of Inspiritus Altars as your personal "owners manual" complete with guide. Go to MuseFusions • Inspiritus Altars for more info and samples.

Muse Mentoring:  For the times you need extra guidance and a safe place to check in with what is happening in your life. My style is that of a muse. The relationship we form, however short or long, is always inspired and guided by your needs, concerns and energy so our time together is not a one-size-fits all experience. Having a psychic gift helps in this work but, honestly, time spent “off the map” a time or two in my own life and the tools gathered to navigate them helps just as much. I know what it’s like when things are a bit off and I am not afraid to venture into the wilderness to find what empowers your best self. I also love to work with creative folks so, if you are stuck in that arena, muse mentoring might be right up your alley! Check out MuseFusions • Muse Mentoring for more info.

My book:  Moondancing • Usings the Cycles of the Moon to Supercharge Your Creativity and Manifest Your Dreams, is an activity book that offers a festive, yet down-to-earth law of attraction approach to manifesting. It combines moon cycles with a four-part formula and over 30 prompts designed to capture your manifestation moonbeams. (Available on Amazon.)

For information on the additional (local) home services I offer as an intuitive Feng Shui practitioner and organizer or to check my workshop schedule, visit my MuseFusions website and subscribe to my MuseLetter.

If you prefer to come in through the back door to peek in on the latest projects-in-process, art, and messy musings, hop over to my Musings from the Messy Room blog. (I love having visitors but don’t expect me to clean up.) I have some fun collaborations planned for 2017 – and visiting muses waiting in the wings to inspire you – so be sure to subscribe to my blog if you hear the music.

Currently, I enjoy life in the greater Atlanta area while frequently breaking out in dance with clients, family, friends and my four-paw meow-muses. If you are local, look me up!

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