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Bernadette Rose Smith

Your intuitive guide and personal muse empowering you in heart, home and lifestyle.

Muse. Intuitive Guide. Author. Artist. Blogger. Visionary.

Welcome! I am so excited we found each other in this big, wonderful Wellness Universe because I know that there are no coincidences. You are here for a reason.

I am the resident muse of Musings from the Messy Room – the playground where I inspire and empower others while engaging in the activities that I love to share. As a personal muse and intuitive guide, I offer an eclectic blend of inspiration for your heart, home and lifestyle to release the energy that sustains more of what makes you smile. My experience spans over decades in a fusion of creative and spiritual modalities. My passion is finding, encouraging and strengthening the positive links between where you live and how you live – so you can live well!

“LiFe is meSSy. bE YOU aNyway.”

A major life transition of my own led me to this work so I understand how the emotional impact of change can sometimes slow a process. What I love about being an intuitive guide and muse is that I get to show folks how to honor their pace – lightly – while holding their vision.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

Intuitive Readings:  I specialize in readings that move energy by locating stories (blockages) that no longer serve the inquirer and are waiting for recognition and release. I use a variety of divination methods in addition to direct communication with Spirit. My primary delight is a storytelling card fusion that my angels instructed me to use in 1996. This is a nicely balanced read that focuses on nine areas of life-concerns and what is going on at the time of the inquiry. It continues to be one of the most asked for favorites among clients and friends and makes for a great periodic check-in and energy mover. (Especially in times of transition or new ventures.) This reading takes 90 minutes and I am currently offering an introductory special for newcomers. Go to Messy Room • Intuitive Readings and Altars for…

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Bernadette Rose Smith

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