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Bernadette Klemm

Reiki by Bernadette

I have been a nurse since 1994. I first heard about Reiki during my Holistic class in nursing school. It was not the right time for me apparently but it did stay with me in the back of my mind. It wasn't until my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012 that I tried to remember the name of this energy work because I knew that it was used for treating cancer patients and could help her with her side effects from chemotherapy. The name did not come back to me in time to help her. After her passing I was sitting alone, crying, and it felt like someone had smacked me in the forehead and the word REIKI came back to me. Reiki had found me again, this time at the right moment in my life. I spent the rest of the night researching what Reiki was and everything I read felt like I was reading something I had always known and had forgotten. I had my first treatment a few days later and I knew that this was something that I had to do. In 2013 I started my own Reiki journey. I am now a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui, Karuna Ki & Animal Reiki. I have my own practice, Reiki by Bernadette in Elkhart IN. I recently opened an online retail store for lightworkers and those who are seeking a more zen lifestyle. I no longer work as a nurse as I work full time at my Reiki practice and enjoy having students and clients all over the world. I continue to grow and take classes to offer new services to my clients. I love having the online store to help even more people. You can view all of my products as well as the classes that I offer at:

Awards and Affiliations

Licensed Practical Nurse 1994, Usui Reiki Master Teacher 2015, Animal Reiki Master Teacher 2015, Karuna Ki Reiki Master Teacher 2018

Bernadette Klemm

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