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Beatriz Singer

Healing Ourselves and Our World through the Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science of Crystal Energy Vibration

Beatriz Singer, a native of Venezuela, was initiated into the art of crystal healing by Hindu masters in India and world-renowned crystal masters JaneAnn Dow and Katrina Raphaell. She has been a holistic therapist and workshop leader with an expertise in crystals since 2001. Beatriz was first recognized as a crystal healer in Colombia, where she was a pioneer of crystal healing and became the founder and director of one of the first interfaith alternative-therapy centers, Centro de Integración Shambalah (Shambalah Integration Center). She was frequently interviewed for Colombian television news and magazine shows, as well as local print media. She has authored numerous articles about alternative therapies for Spanish-language magazines, led a variety of crystal workshops, and lectured about crystal healing in South America and the U.S.

Her background and personal story are what make her unique. She is a trained healer who has used crystals to heal and reconnect with her own authentic self. She has studied directly with South American shamans, Tibetan Buddhist monks, Indian gurus, and other masters—and has drawn great knowledge from these ancient cultures and traditions. As a university-trained journalist, Beatriz has the ability—and an inclination—to observe, question, and research. Besides delivering the sensitivity, awareness, and intuition of a healer, she also brings the information-gathering skills and mind-set of a journalist. Together, these attributes allow other people to resonate deeply with her message and find inspiration for their own healing journeys. Beatriz finds in crystals tools that help us build clarity and catalyze healing and transformation to create an authentic life. She draws on both her intuition and deep knowledge to help clients heal, transform, and reconnect.

Beatriz knows the power of crystals to alleviate real-world suffering. Twenty-five years ago, she embarked on a quest to heal herself. Ultimately, her quest for truth—and her far-reaching curiosity—led her to find in crystals new opportunities to bring balance and wellness to all. She continues to lead crystal workshops in person and online, and she also offers personal assessments and guided self-healing. To learn more about her work, go to:

Beatriz Singer

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