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Barbara Atkins

Finding Meaning and Purpose in the Mature Years

Barbara Penn-Atkins is a Retirement Transition Life and Re-Career Specialist, Coach, Speaker and Author.

  1.  She works with people like you who are within 6-15 years of retirement and frustrated because the job no longer feeds their mind, stir the heart or nourish their inner spirit. They’re on an emotional roller-coaster lamenting over life-planning choices and paradigm shifts of ‘what’s next’ as they transition from success to significance
  2.  What distinguishes Barbara from others in her field of expertise is her innovative readiness programs and value-added strategies that treats the transition phase of work disengagement from a personal and­­ passionate point of view. She believes life-choices should stimulate your mind, fire the heart and energize one’s spirit into longevity for a purposeful and fulfilling Life.
  3. Through her workshops, speaking engagements and coaching she sets the platform for helping others to make a successful transition from stellar career success to significance, unleash the power of aging, prepare for life’s changes, discover what matters most and do what they love.
  4. At the height of the recession in 1980, she chose to start a business. It was a time during our nation’s economic downturn that had forced many women in the clerical workforce into layoffs and unemployment. she saw this period as a prime opportunity to find a need and fill it’ and, at the same time challenge the status quo by starting a business in a male dominated industry at the onset of new emerging technology. It called for every strength, purpose and passions existing within the fabric of my being. With $1500 borrowed on her life insurance, she wrote a business plan – a plan driven by a strong vision and mission statement that captured sophisticated systems and procedures and formed a company that within five years had grown to a $2.5-million-dollar enterprise. This business was supported by a full-time staff of 185 employees in three locations providing word-processing (typing) and data-entry/data conversation services to Fortune 500 companies, State, local and Federal government agencies.
  5.  During the 15+ years of growth and success she experienced numerous challenges and oppositions that included the…

Barbara Atkins

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