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The Oracle
An Extraordinary Mission & Sacred Destiny
Healing Lives, Actualizing Potentials, Empowering Destinies
Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD has been a Vessel of Healing and Voice of Positive Change since her teens when she was awakened to a planetary conscience, remembered her destiny on Earth, and received a Divine Sponsorship that has inspired her Global Healing Mission. Her brand of alchemy is the sacred sort, yielding a gold one can only discover within. Pioneering doctor and scientist, author and musician, entrepreneur and producer, mystic and healer, Aurora is a Renaissance woman for the New Millennium who cares deeply for our world and has given her life in service to the advancement of humanity. She holds a BA, MA and PhD in Psychology, over 38 certificates and degrees in Advanced Healing Modalities, and is a Kahuna in the Morna Simeona Lineage, the successor of Kahuna, Shaolin Grand Master Pang.
Through her pioneering work in the psyche, she unlocked the codes of suffering and has set countless people free across the planet from what would have been life sentences of suffering in conditions that were once thought incurable, unchangeable or irreversible. Curing three incurables in herself and everything from addiction, patterns of abuse, mental illness, trauma, and other challenging conditions in others, she has trained many in the Art of Sacred Alchemy and how to attain freedom from the matrix of human programs creating havoc in this world. As an Oracle and Priestess of High Degree, she brings timely messages from the Realms of Light and helps recode the matter planes to Divine Perfection.
She was awakened in her teens and trained by masterful beings in Higher Realms who have helped guide her destiny. She entered a mystery school in her early twenties, which she attended for 14 years, and headed a mystery school on the island of Oahu in her 30’s. Her mystery school teachings have continued in many forms. She offers Sacred Alchemist Mastery Intensives at sacred sites around the world, private healing retreats in Sedona, and programs and courses by phone accelerating the Soul Advancement of those who have…

Awards and Affiliations

2014 Hawaii Business Woman of the Year finalist

2013 Who's Who Worldwide Achievement Award

2009 Visionary Award for Earth 2012-33: The Ultimate Quest, How to Find Peace in a World of Chaos


Causes and Organizations

The Oracle: A Voice of Positive Planetary Change:

Center for Advanced Healing, serving the Global Community with Advanced Healing Sessions and Soul Destiny Readings:


Aurora Juliana Ariel

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