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Astrid H-Vlahakis

Discover ways to prevent, heal, and reverse disease naturally and effectively

My name is Astrid an independent holistic health researcher, health blogger, foodie, mom, organic food advocate, and organic gardening enthusiast.

My mission is to help you discover ways to prevent, reverse and heal disease like I have-- with wholesome foods, specific condition targeted supplements ™,and how to gain your health back by making small-- yet effective life style changes for optimal health and wellness.

The internet is full of information but unfortunately it is not all accurate. I love share what I learn from medical journals, research and my own experiences.  I write about holistic healing,  preventing disease, the latest discoveries in natural health, healthy[fied] recipes, health news, and much more. I share the philosophies of top integrative medicine professionals/authors and organizations such as: Green Med Info, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr.Sinatra, Sara Gottfried, Marc David from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Weston P.and the Gerson Institute to name a few.

See, the key to long term health success is knowledge [at your fingertips]. When you know what to do, you are no longer bound to medications or painful unnecessary procedures. This can be accomplished in a way that is easy to follow and atainable. Nothing that is worth your long term health will be easy. No matter what others say-- there is no magic pill. Discover new ways of preventing and reversing disease the smart way not the hard way!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I can help. I can show you how to heal (like I did) holistically without medications or harmful procedures.

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Astrid H-Vlahakis

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