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Are you ready to choose exponential growth for your local business? Do you want to receive qualified leads, every month, that are actively looking for your service or specialty?Are you a local small business ready to thrive?Arnaud Saint-Paul runs SimplyFly which helps your Local Small Business to position itself in front of hundreds of local buyers actively looking for your services with their mobile.

For a flat fee and guaranteed results, you can receive hundreds of calls or visits that convert into sales and revenue growth up to 90% of the time.

Contact Arnaud at or call +1 812 827 8280.




How Can Leaders and Teams Become Mindful, Heartful, And Empowered?
✔ by Becoming More Aware
✔ by Positively Transforming Through Heartfulness
✔ by Becoming More Empowered And In Turn Empowering Those Around Them

Arnaud Saint-Paul, CEO and co-founder at HealThruWords® is inspiring businesses and individuals around the world by helping them reach their highest potential. As a visionary and technologist, he has been awarded for his many outstanding achievements in innovations, technology, and methodology.

Driven by the knowledge that technology is the expression of Consciousness, Arnaud Saint-Paul is elevating business owners and individuals alike in their business and personal lives.

Using the proprietary HealThruWords® methodology, he paves the way for their best potential. This is the key to his clients’ continuous growth, financial success and well-being.

With this revolutionary methodology, he brings together key practices of science based principles to infuse positive energy into people’s lives and inspire them to be Mindful, Heartful, and Empowered.

Arnaud Saint-Paul’s innovations and methodology have changed corporations and individuals lives forever.

In short, he is making a difference.


Awards and Affiliations

Finalist CTIA Startup Lab
Sep 2014  / CTIA Startup Lab

Apr 2014  / Ad:Tech

Finalist Innovation Prize of Paris 2012 (Grand Prix de l'Innovation de la ville de Paris)
Oct 2012  / Paris Mayor, France

Laureate @Tremplin Entreprises
Oct 2012  / Senat (france)

Best Fashion Brand
Sep 2012…

Arnaud Saint-Paul

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