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    Some of the most difficult emotions you may have to deal with arises when you feel rejected. It may be that you had your eyes set on a job that you applied for and you didn’t get, or a proposal that you worked really hard on was not accepted by whoever you submitted it to. Then there is what may be the most challenging of all-when you are pushed away by someone you love. It could be a romantic partner, a friend or a family member.

    It’s tempting to want to curl up in a ball and wish that you could disappear. For those who have self-esteem issues, this is particularly devastating. Questions and statements like, “what’s wrong with me?”, “what could I have done better?” and “well I guess I’m really not good enough” tend to arise.

    However, this is the time when you absolutely must work on those voices in your head that threaten to erode the very fabric upon which you function. Maybe you’re like me and it has taken you a lifetime to get to a place where you thought you were truly comfortable with you are and you believed you had dealt with those debilitating self-esteem issues.

    Then suddenly, you find yourself once again thrust into that abyss of darkness that threatens to take away from all the work you had done on yourself. It’s okay to acknowledge the feelings but then you MUST pick yourself up by the bootstraps and keep on going. Do you really want to give the person or persons who rejected you the satisfaction of seeing you crumble? Hell no! As Frank Sinatra once said, “the best revenge is massive success”.

    You and only you can go deep within and find yourself once again. Well actually, it is you and God that can make it happen. No therapist, friend, priest or pundit can truly get you to that stage where you once again believe in who you are. I believe with all my heart that an unshakeable trust in and an impenetrable faith in God is what can truly get you past the negativity that comes from rejection.

    I’ve also found that these are the times when you need to take care of yourself, it’s called the “art of extreme self-care”. Do whatever it takes to love “you”. Use the rejection as fuel to propel you in the direction of taking care of YOU and going after YOUR dreams.

    I know it is hard and you may feel like giving you but you cannot! I am here to tell you that nothing lasts forever and you will surely get to that place where you feel good about yourself once again. Sometimes it happens faster than you think it can. As you face another day, remember what is written in Psalm 118 : “The stone that the builders rejected has now become the chief cornerstone”. rejection

    Some of the most difficult emotions you may have to deal with arises when you feel rejected. It may