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If anyone were to tell me ten years ago that my life would turn out to be what it is today, I probably would not have believed that person. Yet here I am , on a deeply spiritual mission grounded in the belief that we are all more powerful than we sometimes dare to imagine.

I am from Trinidad and Tobago but Florida became my home in 2014. I was a successful TV journalist and news anchor for about fifteen years before transitioning into corporate and government Public Relations. It's something I still do but I have developed my own communications/PR formula which is focused more on transformational learning and leadership.  It is my intention to help others through my writing, my speaking, my coaching practice and through my work as a communications executive. Spirituality, metaphysics, prayer, personal brand management, holistic living and energy healing are some of the "tools" which I incorporate into my work.

About ten years ago I was introduced to Taoism by my spiritual mentor, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. One of my favorite quotes to this day is from the Tao-Te-Ching, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Meeting Dr. Dyer in 2013 changed my life forever and resulted in me publishing my first book in 2014- Eighteen Lessons from Wayne; reflections on the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer. The book is a glimpse into the spiritual beliefs which have kept me going over the years.

These beliefs continue to intensify and prompted me to launch, “the Global Movement for Spiritual trendsetters”.  My intent is to bring spirituality back where it belongs- at the center of everything we do.

I have seen and faced the evils of this world. Were it not for God,  I probably would not be alive today. What is my purpose? It is to help as many people as I can, be successful in everything I do and evolve spiritually.

I look forward to collaborating with you as we walk in the light and elevate universal consciousness together.


Awards and Affiliations

Luminary of Journalism-BPTT Trinidad and Tobago

Best News Story TV-The Publishers and Broadcasters Association of Trinidad and Tobago and RBTT

Best News Feature radio- The Caribbean Broadcasting Union

Causes and Organizations

The Global Movement of Spiritual Trendsetters

The Wellness Universe

The Vero Beach Choral Society

International Coach Federation

Corporate Well Being and Wellness

The Salvation Army of Broward County

The Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross

Ann Marie Amante

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