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Hello and greetings from Helsinki, Finland.

My first fb-page "Quotes for Love and Wisdom by Johanna", renamed recently "Seasons of Heart" got started 8/22/2013, when I was deeply depressed. I also have plain picture pages at fb called Johanna's Oasis and Johanna's Charming Oasis.
I had and I still have a strong belief, that we become what we think and see and I wanted to create a page for myself, to cheer me up with empowering and loving words connected with beautiful pictures.  Very soon I found many people liking the posts I shared from other pages and they told me that my page is very comforting and uplifting. I was so amazed and happy to hear that I wasn't alone, there were others feeling exactly like me. The strong belief that the sun will shine one day on my face too, that there is hope, beauty and miracles in this life and world, that we all have our beautiful shining light, that we are all beautiful and loved and that we can change and affect our point of views with a little encouraging, positiveness and  a little beauty  but also telling the truth and being honest to ourselves
It took a long time from me to get the courage to design/create my own made posters but I finally did it ( Believe me or not, I am very shy). So my mission is spreading love and light and awareness of who we are and that everything is possible in life, in good and in bad. That we are not alone on this amazing path of life.
I am a very proud and grateful member of WU and I am happy to spread the good forward worldwide.

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