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Anne Gordon de Barrigon

Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats ~ Spend time with the Dolphins and Whales to recover your Joy, remember how to Play and reconnect to your true Self.

Anne Gordon de Barrigón created her Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats to share her love of the dolphins, whales, the ocean and nature with others.  She has developed a close, personal spiritual relationship with the dolphins and whales and feels they are her true soul family.

 Anne has a degree in Biology and Animal Behavior.  She has worked as a zookeeper, trained wild animals for educational outreach programs and trained both domestic and wild animals for movies and TV for over 20 years.  She grew up in Washington state, boating and spending time with the Orca whales.

Anne is a certified Dolphin Energy Healing pracitioner and receives clear and applicable wisdom direct from the dolphins and whales that she loves to share with her retreat participants.

Anne has been living in Panama since 2004 and is married to a man from a local indigenous tribe, called the Emberá, who still live in traditional villages deep in the rain forest of Panama. Anne feels the Emberá community is much like a human dolphin pod as for the Emberá, family and community are the highest priority and work is the last.  She feels the Emberá have the quality of life the rest of the world is searching for.  When she is not out on the water with her whale and dolphin family, she leads tours to her husband's village to share the open-hearted Emberá culture with others.

Causes and Organizations

Spreading awareness and respect for the dolphins, whales, all marine life, the oceans and Mother Earth.

Anne Gordon de Barrigon

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