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Anne Bolender

Soul-Centered Life Coach, Certified Professional Intuitive, Reiki Master

I have a PhD (ABD) in Communication & Culture and a Masters of Communications (with Distinction). The focus of these studies was on understanding how we create meaning in our lives.

Since leaving Academia, I have studies Life coaching through Martha Beck's Program. I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, a Certified Lifescaping Coach, a Certified Professional Intuitive, and am on the path of becoming a Reiki Master (I have my Reiki 1 and 2 attunements.

My passion is helping people create authentic self-reliant lives that following their authentic paths, engage their divine gifts, and enhance their natural passions. My recently released book, Clarity Alchemy: When Success is Your Only Option, provides information on how this can be achieved.

Learning Reiki was a recent passion-fulfillment activity of mine. The focus of Reiki, for me, will be in helping animals of all kinds (domestic, wild, farmed) live better lives.

I have also been exploring combining Reiki with Tarot in ways that focus on business-building activities.

Causes and Organizations

The cause/organization that is closest to my heart right now is Saving the Survivors - an African group that works tirelessly to save the lives of Rhinos and other African animals that have been hurt by poachers. The work this group is doing is nothing short of amazing! The damage…

Anne Bolender

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