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Anna Marie Wood

"Your body is the temple of your spirit"

I have always known that the complete package, Body/Mind/Spirit, is without question how we as human beings move best in the world. The human body is the most sophisticated machine on the planet and to our credit we have the ability to “think and reason”.
I proudly own and operate TEMPLEWORK LA, located in Los Angeles, CA. TEMPLEWORK LA is a business that is based solely on nurturing the human body and mind with therapeutic massage, bodywork, and energy work.  I am proud to say, “This is a healing place.”When our minds are connected with our desire, we sometimes are “guided by spirit”…  I definitely was and it was a wild fabulous ride.  I sit here at my front desk writing this BIO.  Thank you for reading.
I am, absolutely, without question, a nurturer. We cannot escape what we were meant to do in this life.  There are also no accidents.  This is have learned.  I am truly so grateful for my gifts of healing.  I was certified for Massage Therapy through IPSB in Culver City, CA in 2008.  I quickly knew that a “change is gonna come”, when I started this profession.  The moment I walked through those doors at IPSB to take my first class, I knew I was in the right surrounding.  To grow.  To help other people “grow”.  To help people.
I am also certified for the energy based modality, Integrated Craniosacral Unwinding.  Energy work is really "where the magic happens".  I personally suffered a traumatic neck injury in 2012 and what eventually relieved and re-aligned my system was two Integrated Craniosacral Unwinding sessions.  Energy work coupled with bodywork, in my opinion makes a truly lasting change in the human system.
I was in the film and television industry for a majority of my time in Los Angeles and  had basically spent my entire life researching nutrition, anti-aging, energy work, exercise and really contemplating the human body and its limitations.With a delicate balance of massage therapy, energy work, nutrition and exercise, we can live a happy and healthy existence.  I look forward to meeting you sometime.…

Anna Marie Wood

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