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Annalena Gulliksson-Cavallo

Go Beyond the Ordinary- Become Who You Were Born To Be!

Annalena, lifelong clairvoyant,Tarots Scholar, Certified Hypnotherapist, Medical Intuitive, Psychic Counselor, was born and raised in a little ancient medieval village on the Southern Adriatic coast of Italy, where she completed her studies at the humanistic university A.Moro, in Bari, and obtained a PhD in Linguistic Science (thesis in Neurolinguistics and Dreams Psychology). She has been living in the USA during the last 16 years, first in Santa Barbara, CA, then in Portland, OR where she still resides. Annalena's grandmother had a first cousin, Bettina Sconosciuto,who was very intuitive and clairvoyant. She also was a healer and herbalist, well known in the local community. With her help, Annalena learned about the healing power of some wild roots and medicinal plants, growing on the Adriatic coast, as well  as how to use these herbs as natural remedies. Bettina also used the original old Tarot cards to offer guidance on everyday life challenges to neighbors and relatives. During summer breaks and holidays, Annalena would be her student, learning from her, about the Tarots and how to correctly use them in a reading. Already during childhood, she used to have recurring visions, mental pictures and dreams of occurrences regarding friends or relatives, that would end becoming true events in the physical world. Mostly they were positive. Encouraged by aunt Bettina, a number of times, she was able to help some friends locate their cat or dog, a turtle, and also lost objects. While still living in California, Annalena was able to help the local police, to  search / track a neighbor's car, a red Datsun 280 ZX, which had been stolen and which the police officers were not having any success in finding. Annalena was able to, through intuition, and guidance from her Spirit Guides, to track and find the vehicle down to Lake Arrowhead, CA, (several miles away) parked in front of the post office, where she had been told, through her clairvoyant visions, it would be! And there it was!! This was published in few…

Annalena Gulliksson-Cavallo

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