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Anikka Weinfeld

Turning Your Troubles Into Gold

I haven’t always been an Alchemist.  In fact I wouldn’t even call myself a naturally happy person.  On the contrary, life gifted me with the genetic makeup for depression.  Emptiness and Loneliness have been regular bedfellows and Self-Worth a stuck-up stranger too good to grace my doorstep.  I’ve been knocked down by colossal breakups- both friendship and romantic.  I’ve been heavy with money struggles that seemed to say “you should be doing life differently.  Is this all you have to show for yourself?”  While everyone else my age seemed to have this life thing nailed- I’ve felt out of control with a future as uncertain as the fate of the Goon docks.  “Nothing exciting ever happens around here anyway,” Sean Astin grumbles in the 1985 Speilberg classic.  But he wants it to.  Why were all of these exciting life milestones (the job, the car, the engagement, the marriage, the house, the kids) happening to everyone else, and what was wrong with me?
Hitting bottom looked a lot like dissolving into snot-puddles on the bathroom floor.  Ever clawed around just to find the light switch- and felt worse upon seeing your reflection in the mirror?  Augh.
But I got some help.  The right teachers, mentors and guides taught me that Alchemy is not about an absence of crap moments.  Those moments on the bathroom floor covered in tears and snot and matted hair were just the material I needed to change my blues into gold.
It’s about moving from breakup to breakthrough, sparking new relationships from the ashes, opening to new beliefs around deservability, connection and your abundant more.  It’s feeling not good enough and gritting your teeth and doing it anyway, breaking down and rebuilding the very essence of who you are.
It’s seeing every experience as part of one long Goonie adventure.
And since Goonies never say die, I’m offering you my hand…

Awards and Affiliations

Certified Professional Coach
(with the Harvard of coaching schools, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)
Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
(I’ve got the roadmap to happiness)                                                                                                        Intuitive Soul Happy Guide
(Sparkling giggles and warm cups of tea when you need it most)

Anikka Weinfeld

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