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Angela Gardner

Experience Greater Joy and Harmony in all of Life's Relatonships

Through 100 Coffees, Angela works with women entrepreneurs who are transitioning from traditional careers to owning their own business, starting a new business, or growing their current business. Her workshops and programs equip clients with tools to rediscover their purpose, improve their relationships and experience greater fulfillment in every aspect of life.Through the years of corporate leadership, training and development, there seemed to be one common theme. Everyone needs to be successful at home first, before true career success can be realized. This is why Gardner Family Connections 4 Life came to be. Using the DISC Model of Human Behavior, Angela equips each family member with tools to leverage their natural gifts and strengths, while teaching how to identify those traits in others. Here, she focuses on creating an appreciation and respect relationship which encourages connection versus conflict.Angela also enjoys connecting people to resources. To that end, she is an avid networker and happy to refer connections to each other. She runs her business with one goal - to help as many people as she can each day. How can Angela connect you to your success today?

Awards and Affiliations

Angela is affiliated with Personality Insights and The John Maxwell Team. She is both a certified DISC and Leadership Trainer.

Angela Gardner

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