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I am Andrea Trank, Ed.S. Curriculum and Instruction, M.Ed. Science Education, University of Virginia—wife, mother of three boys, daughter of an Alzheimer’s mother, jewelry designer, health coach and yoga entrepreneur.  My background is as diverse as my jewelry designs. Please check them out.


It includes environmental activism, teaching high school and college science courses, running several nonprofits, and a life-long interest in individual and planetary health. I suffered from Panic Attacks in my 20s, IBS and Gastro-paresis in my 30s, weight gain and hormone issues in my 40s, Thyroid, prediabetes, bouts of chronic inflammation and other autoimmune diseases in my 50s. I am currently on no medications.


Prescription Drugs Did Not Work for Me. Lifestyle Changes Did


I have been practicing yoga since 1995. During my school teaching days, it kept me sane and healthy. I trained as a yoga instructor in 2014. I am an RYT Hatha trained Yoga Teacher with specialized training in the following:

·       Yoga Anatomy

·       Yoga for a healthy back

·       Yin Yoga

·       Adaptive Yoga


I have worked with all age populations of women and men including pregnant clients, clients with RA, MS, diabetes and cancer in all settings – hospitals, nature centers, gyms, corporate wellness programs, and privates. My advanced teaching and science degrees and background mean my clients receive the most attentive, carefully crafted, research-based, compassionate yoga instruction and health coaching that will meet their physical and emotional needs. 


More Tools in the Toolbox


I discovered doTERRA essential oils on my journey into healthy living and have been using these amazing oils since 2014.  I have taken dozens of on-line training courses in the science of the oils. Before I recommend any oil or any course of action in health, I learn about them and use them on myself and my family to ensure their efficacy and have real-life experience with the therapies I am recommending.  


Helping Other Heart Centered Businesses Reach More People


My undergraduate degree in communication and my two Graduate Education Degrees are from the University of Virginia. I am a former news reporter and owned my own PR firm in the early 90s. Running my own business, I am proficient in all aspects of social media— using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus. I also regularly use the following programs: Instapages, Constant Contact, Send Pepper, Animoto, Canva, Pic Monkey, WordPress and more.


To Sum It Up

My passion is empowering my clients with the tools to take back control of their health and help heal our planet.  In learning to treat our bodies and minds as temples, we will hopefully develop an understanding the connection between our health and the health of the planet. See my blog


Awards and Affiliations

Yoga Alliance

Yoga International

AP Investigative Reporters Award for Uncovering Asbestos Contamination in a Church

Golden Apple Teaching Award for The Schoolyard Habitat Project, Monticello High School, Charlottesville, Virginia

Sierra Club Award for Activism – Starting Charlottesville Albemarle Recycle Together (CART)

Causes and Organizations

Watershed Protection

Air Quality

Truth in Advertising in Agri-Business/Organic and Non GMO Growing Practices

Functional Medicine

Andrea Trank

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