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Anastasia Mouzina

If you design your life then you own your life

Growing up in Greece in my family I felt I had been put on this earth without a map. To my family I was happy, the “funny” kid who they could rely on. I helped take care of my brother and helped my family by trying to keep the balance for everyone.
Today I still do that, keep the balance for everyone! But now I can do it from a place of power and understanding of why our lives might be out of balanced. My childhood and my marriages brought me to understand that there is more meaning to life and that I could work to find it.
In my 20s and 30s, I went through two marriages seeking love and acceptance. My first marriage, I was in my early 20s, but looking back I realize now that it was my husband’s mother who I loved. She was wonderful and taught me so much! But she died very soon after we were married and so did my marriage. I had my two boys from that marriage, Napoleon and George.

Time went by and I met my second husband, but the pattern was the same. I was in my 30s and together we had my third son, Themistoklis. Then my mother-in-law died and my second marriage came to an end.
At this point, I realized I had to make a change. My first two husbands, they are not bad guys! But my choices were, I was making decisions based on my inner conflict and fear. But instead, I needed to start looking INSIDE myself for love. I needed to invest in myself!
This is where my true life journey begins, I feel.
I had already studied Greek philosophers as I was growing up, so I pursued philosophy and psychology as I learned the deeper meanings behind human behavior. My journey took me further, I became a Reiki master, mastering the art of energy work. Discovering Kundalini yoga, the yoga of light and awareness, was an amazing realization for my life, and ultimately led me to NLP and hypnosis which are central…

Anastasia Mouzina

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