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Anastasia Chopelas

Heal Powerfully: Use the Cutting Edge Advantage of Vibrational Physics

Anastasia become so ill 20 years ago, she only had two good hours a day.  With a demanding career as a scientist and a challenging personal life, she was unable to fulfill what she saw as her life’s calling: scientific research at the highest international level.  Conventional medicine held no satisfying or workable answers.

With her research skills and in depth knowledge of physics and chemistry, she studied the gamut of natural and energy medicine.  The fundamental truth is that our bodies were designed to be healthy and that scientific cause and effect was at the bottom of every issue.

Scientific Healing was borne of this fundamental truth.

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, a physicist and researcher, professor and healer, developed scientifically-based protocols that have helped hundreds of her clients and students experience miracles, medical and otherwise.  Not only did health improve, often dramatically, but income went up sometimes dramatically, interpersonal skills improved, happiness increased, and even colds became virtually non-existent.  When you are ready to have these in your life or company, connect with Anastasia.

Causes and Organizations

Scientific Healer donates a portion of proceeds to:

The Patchamama Alliance and

The Unstoppable Foundation


Anastasia Chopelas

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