• Anaiis Salles posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    After two whirlwind years of leading retreats and workshops in the United States and Europe, I am at home enjoying a beautiful day. I’m also thrilled at the response to Living Lessons new product line! Our Source Solutions Essences are now available. We are all using them as we clear away and dissolve all remaining obstacles to returning to Wholness and energetic Sovereignty! Pls visit our work in progress website. Jump on board as a beta tester, and be guaranteed a $15 price point for any of 10 ml bottle in our Template and Eden series. Feedback has been surprising as well as validating. 5dsource-essences.com. Interested in being a beta tester? So far we have beta testers in Japan, Ecuador, Spain, Canada and the U.S. Email me at livinglessonslibrary@gmail.com for more details! Woo-hoo! Gaia-inspired and heart desired!