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I believe the deepest satisfaction comes from having a strong, inner compass that connects wisdom and spirituality with a grounded, fulfilled life.

Conscious Co-Creation Masterclass

Connect your conscious embodied awareness with your awakening spirit.

My path to purpose combines conscious living with sustainable, holistic lifestyles. I take immense pleasure in mentoring and collaborating with other heart-centered entrepreneurs whose lives contribute to global transformation.

A Renaissance Woman, creativity springs from spiritual awareness, personal development and 25 years of facilitating healing journeys that have touched the lives of hundreds of people.  Have you ever wondered why there is no instruction manual on how to be a happy, healthy and fulfilled human. Well, now there is.

I provide rinse, repeat tools for mastering the art of conscious co-creation.  Don't we all want the experience of satisfying and joyful relationships? Clients and students are gently and lovingly guided toward self-care empowerment as they open to self-love and receiving more from life.

Together, we learn practice choosing happiness, sharing abundance, and enjoying well-being along as we reach our goals for success and live our path to purpose.

Here's what students and clients have to say...

Thank you for this lovely post.  It really helps me to keep staying encouraged by what was revealed to me in your fabulous course.

I was thinking over the past few days “stories” about why I feel that I don’t receive messages from Gaia like some (eg. you!) do;  that I feel that I guess “yes” when asking if I can co-create healing orbs in the Pacific, for instance.  “Did she say yes?  Or am I just imagining that?  Is my imagination “right”?  Why doesn’t she ever say no, except when I don’t feel like co-creating orbs? Etc.  Etc. Etc.!!!

Then I came across a writing when I was scanning my emails – can’t remember where I read it.  It suggested that I look at pg. 117, second sentence of the book I was currently reading and make that my theme for the year.  So, I thought sceptically, let’s see what my book says.  This is the sentence (which sort of sounds like Gaia speaking, I thought).


Gaia Sophia certainly has a sense of humour, through all of this.

Cheers and love,

"You are invaluable and a great contributor to the development of people like me.  Thank you for accepting your gift and for sharing and guiding people like me to our co-conscious roles in this great unfolding of spiritual energy.
I so enjoy learning from you.

Have a great day and I look forward to our next exploration.
Marie Miller

I have decided to have 4 more sessions with you around the last week of January. I would like to know the price, if you don't mind so I can prepare for it.
Thanks for all your help. I won't be where I am today if it wasn't for you.


Life coach, healer, teacher, retreat and workshop facilitator, I've traveled extensivelythroughout the world sharing my direct experience. Now you can access my transformative legacy through the Co-creation Catalysts Apprentice Community, online courses, Soulpreneurs Mastermind program, and international spiritual retreats.

As within, so without. Access unlimited well-being emerging from within and expressing who we choose to be in life. Mentoring and inspiring conscious co-creators is my favorite service in the world, especially those who have service or education-based businesses as part of their path to purpose.  Learn more about an upcoming masterclass.

Like you, I have had to make heart sense of heartbreak and challenges.  I look forward to connecting with you and your wellness universe!

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Online Web-Based Businesses
Living Lessons Library, advanced spiritual exploration.

Conscious-Eco-Creation, inner healing and outer transformation through in person and online group and individual coaching.

Tech Talk Cafe, Tech Coach & Consultant for Heart-centered Businesses

Offline Business
I offer clients Personal Healing Retreats at Wimer's Mill in beautiful rural Lancaster County, PA

Life Experience:

Energy Healing (international outreach, 10 years of national and international travel/public speaking appearances, retreats and workshops)

Heart-Centered Energy Healing: a 2 Year Energy Healing Certification Program

Inventor: educational board game The Bee Game

Publicity & marketing (W.W. Norton & Company, Inc)

Regional Campaign staff; Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT)

Leadership Tomorrow (Leadership Training, Seattle Chamber of Commerce)

Executive Director Community Theater (Director, playwright, producer, actor)

Stand-Up Comedy

Freelance Court Reporting Agency

Children's Clothing Design


Visual Artist

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Anaiis Salles

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