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Anaiis Salles, Transformational Catalyst Life Coach, Speaker, Healer, Facilitator of Workshops, Retreats, and Events as a Source Educator since 1991.

In addition to her holistic energy healing practice, Anaiis is founder and creator of Source Solutions a physical product line of water based essence infoceuticals that mitigate damage to the human energy field from technological assaults, assist with rapid integration of  organic DNA upgrades, and smooth the transition referred to as 'purging,' Seeking integration and relief from 'ascension' symptoms?

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Through Living Lessons Library and Sourced Solutions websites, Salles and her team offer a two-year healing certification program, Co-Creation Catalysts Apprenticeship.

She teaches the science of conscious co-creation through her online course Co-Creation Catalysts 101. She offers free monthly webinars on Emotional Templates the Wisdom Body: Return to Wholeness.

Living Lessons Library educational themes? Co-Creation Catalysts, Spiritual Awakening, Sacred Union, and the Sacred Master Key. In addition to gatherings in the United States, her international retreats and workshops have been held in Greece, Russia, Germany, England, and Scotland.

Upcoming in 2019: Canada and Australia.

In the 1990s, she introduced new modalities of energy healing that today are considered “standard and mainstream.”

Salles' transformational healing skills have been shared globally since 1991. She established an energy healing internship with two Moscow, Russia medical facilities: Sklifosovsky Institute and Moscow Institute of Diagnosis.

At Sklifosovsky Institute, Salles collaborated with Dr. Larissa Gerasmova and her medical staff, accelerating healing for critical burn patients. At Moscow Institute of Diagnosis, Salles collaborated with Alexei Gregorovich, Psychologist, accelerating healing for children with cancer.

In 1993, she founded Heart-Centered Energy Healing, a two year certification program in hands-on energy healing. For the next decade, Salles facilitated courses and retreats in Europe, Russia, Greece and the United States.

She also presented information about her methods and medical collaborations at several international conferences alongside Dr. Dean Ornish, Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Llama's personal physician, and other notables at the cutting edge of healing and evolution of human consciousness.
Through Living Lessons Library and her Source-Ed learning platform, Salles and her team offer a two-year healing certification…

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Anaiis Salles

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