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Amy Gillespie Dougherty

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Your Ancestors Have Waited Your Whole Life for THIS Moment ... and Your Next!

Thriving as a trailblazer, Amy created Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading as a survival skills program for teens and young adults, in an effort to reduce self-destructive behaviors and suicide patterns. Amy believes in the power of the ancestral pulse within each of us, and our ability to reach the best of our best. She emphasizes this connection to our gifts and our origin in her new book series, "The Ancestors Within." The first book (Reveal and Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry) places emphasis on the repeat patterns that show up in your life and how they have ancestral ties, which can be resolved. Her second book in the series (Discover and Claim the Gifts of Your Origin) will publish October 6, 2021.

She has helped thousands of people understand the rest of their story by interpreting their ancestral and epigenetic patterns. She's given motivational speeches and interactive self-discovery workshops at Boys and Girls Club and the Department of Corrections. With one goal in mind, to create new programs and systems that guide young adults to an earlier sense of life purpose, and to step into what they were born to become.

Discover the amazing treasure map your ancestors have left you with an Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading. You can also register to become an Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reader and learn this magnificent tool of self-discovery for your business and clients.

You will also be able to register to become an author and panelist for the Ancestral Summit, (Nov 7-11, 2022) and have your collaborative chapter in one of The Ancestors Within Series coming out in fall of 2021 or in the spring and fall of 2022, just prior to the Ancestral Summit!

If you'd like to discuss becoming a panelist in the Ancestral Summit and an author in The Ancestors Within, click HERE 

If you'd like to learn more about Amy's book, you can follow her on Amazon; HERE

To learn more about Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading, click HERE

Causes and Organizations

Founder of Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading

Author of The Ancestors Within 

Creator of  CLARA (Children's Lives Are the Responsibility of All), formerly TIOS (Treinemento Internacional para os Orfåos e sua Sobrevivencia. Amy has a heart for children who are struggling with identity and self-esteem. She has worked with social workers and numerous aid agencies to help children and young adults gain survival skills and to gain authentic self-esteem and identity validation. You can read her perspective on the in-utero experience in her Chapter Six of the Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Volume 4

Amy Gillespie Dougherty

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