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Allison Stillman

Transform your Life through the Alchemy of Aroma!

Allison Stillman is an acclaimed Aromatic Alchemist, author, teacher and Conscious Alchemy Coach who has been assisting others in transforming their lives. Working with quantum science and aromatic alchemy, she is gifted at assisting people in uncovering sub-conscious programs and beliefs that keep them in limited creation. Her unique gifts empower people to make dramatic changes in their lives and improve every area of their well-being.

Allison Stillman is the author of "The Sacred Art of Anointing" and has been instrumental in resurrecting the ancient art as a tool of transformation. She has taught workshops around the world, and regularly coaches people from all parts of the globe. Allison is an evolutionary change-maker and is dedicated to serving others in their growth and evolution.

Causes and Organizations

Natural Resources Defense Organization

Big Brothers Big Sisters

The Humane Society

The Nature Conservancy


Allison Stillman

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