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Ahtayaa Leigh

Gold Ray Healing for Ascension



I AM Ahtayaa, Keeper of the Golden Ray, Galactic Mayan starseed and founder of Gold Ray Healing ~ The Healer of Healers.

Gold Ray Healing is a powerful energy healing modality guided by the Solar Lords of Light in the Great Central Sun to assist awakened souls purify and raise their frequency. This modality is especially potent for the Lightworkers and Healers of the world who do so much to help others. Originally from the UK in this lifetime, I now live and love in Central America on divine assignment where the energies of the Mayan and Atlantean civilizations meet.

I offer transformational coaching that combines energy healing, intuitive guidance and practical spiritual tools for you to open and access the golden akashic records held in your 'junk' DNA. During our sessions you will receive cleansing by the golden light and connect with the highest version of you. You will release deep rooted, self limiting belief systems and accelerate the embodiment of your multidimensional magnificence!

My Services

Step Fully Into Your Truth! ~ Spiritual CoachingGold Ray Healing SessionPersonalized Healing MeditationsEnergy Healing CourseGreat Solar Light Key Attunements

Thank you for being here, I love you! 


Ahtayaa Leigh

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