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Aggie Perilli

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Inspire a World of Connection

Empathize, Unify, and Inspire a World of Connection with Aggie Perilli Communications International (APCI). Our strategic and integrated communications and multimedia campaigns are consistently recognized for excellence.

We help largely forward-thinking professional women learn how to:

  • be more present and aware
  • empathize and share understanding
  • prioritize universal safety and well-being
  • communicate frequently and with creative consistency, and
  • share their bliss and potential.

Former representative clients include author and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Reverend John Dear and Campaign Nonviolence with the Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service; Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Roche; St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center; X-Factor Communications; Affinity Federal Credit Union; Family Promise Founder Karen Olson; The Arc, which supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and more.

APCI honors range from recognition from the global Association of Independent Information Professionals to the Communicator Awards from 6,000 entries judged by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts comprised of industry leaders from companies that include Disney, Wired and MTV.

To realize your vision while inspiring a world of connection, contact APCI at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest!

Awards and Affiliations

Award of Distinction * Award of Merit * Awards of Excellence (2) * Certificates of Achievement (2) * Certificates of Special Merit (2) * Meritorious Enterprise Reporting * Communicator Awards (2) * Gold Award  * Recognition from Association of Independent Information Professionals * Community Award * and more

Causes and Organizations

Communicate with Nature, and for Universal Peace and Nonviolence, and Health and Wellness. Communication Defined as Empathy and Shared Understanding.

100% Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Landscaping, 100% Clean Water and Energy (neither nuclear nor fossil fuels), and Chem- and GMO-free Organic Food, Clothing, and Products and Practices, and more


Certifications and Credentials

Former newspaper journalist & social editor. Worked for consumer & trade pubs. in NY before heading APCI for 30+ years. Longtime Reiki Master & practitioner of Yoga & Mind-Body Healing. Activist: includes lobbying in D.C. w/ Marianne Williamson for U.S. Dept. of Peace. Now writing my first nonfiction book.

Aggie Perilli

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