The creation of balance and harmony in ones life through our chosen career or field of work. Occupational wellness is firmly connected to societal health and well-being. Using your skills, talents, and gifts to not only enrich ones own life, but extending these gifts to enrich and encourage society.

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Orly Amor

Business Coach for Public Speakers Only - Business in a Box! Ask me how?
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Jennifer Maki

Uniting Mad Heroes and offering Xtraordinary Tips, Gadgets and Missions to Ignite meaning and Fuel heroic action for self, family, community and the world!
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Ashley Brewer

Empowering parents to achieve a balance between parenting and recovery after addiction.
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Ande Lyons

My ability to quickly identify winning strategies, effective resources and creative solutions that work for the business, while inspiring founders and their teams with my special brand of enthusiasm and positivity, creates momentum and success for the growing enterprise.
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The Wellness Universe

Your Complete Wellness Resource for Total Well-Being. Join our community as a World-Changer or Friend.
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Anaiis Salles

My healing journey began when I healed myself of two completely occluded fallopian tubes and then after giving birth to another child from that healing, I found the inner knowledge that led to my son being healed from JRA at age two. Today, I am an Intuitive Life Coach, Creative Catalyst, Business and Spiritual Mentor. I teach a repeatable process of personal and business co-creative skills to clients and students. My wellness portfolio includes home based business opportunities that align with the benefits of living consciously.Energy field reading, self-care empowerment sessions, energy healing, hypnotherapy to address emotional trauma and addiction are also part of clearing obstacles to understanding and using the living lessons that are your path to purpose in life. I've been in practice for over 20 years and have enjoyed teaching nationally in the United States and in Greece, Germany, United Kingdom, through workshops, retreats, and in-depth, long term programs.
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Steffi Jo

Helping women to connect to their Essence and Dress their unique Essence Style, in order to create their authentic branding.
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Rhonda Hendricks

Founder of Rhonda Hendricks Quotes, Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Awakener
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Beth Bracaglia

Chief Organizing Officer of Simply Organized; Strategist; Consultant
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Jeanette Jones

Bringing peace, comfort and confirmation through Spirit
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Kathryn McKinnon

Kathryn shows executives, professionals and business owners, who are burnt out and exhausted, a Time Management Success System to reduce the stress and chaos, add clarity and structure to the day, boost energy and explode productivity to quickly bring more energy to their business, get better results and have more time to enjoy life.
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Kerryann Maloney

Change Maker | Leadership Coach | Business Consultant |Counsellor| Wellness Advocate | Lover of Life | "Empowering healthy, positive,profitable and sustainable outcomes through education, inspiration, motivation and facilitation".
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Christine Alexandria

Christine Alexandria is a highly sought after Angel Intuitive, award-winning inspirational author and founder of Angel Chatter™.
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Alicia Rodriguez

Conscious Living | Leadership | Business. Inspirational Writer, Speaker, Mentor and Retreats
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Elizabeth Jackson

The Projects Angel | Intuitive Strategist & Virtual Angel for Spiritual + Holistic Entrepreneurs
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Jen Phillips April

As a content marketing coach and sales writer, I work with inspired entrepreneurs who struggle with writing sales-worthy copy. I especially LOVE empowering my clients through my content creation mini-retreats. When not working with my fabulous clients, you'll find me reading a novel, practicing my Down Dog or cooking up a delicious meal. You can find me at
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Denise Gindhart

Marketing Strategy, Business Creation and Development: Serving large corporations and small business in marketing and communications.
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Joan Brennan

Providing Low-tech & Digital Tools & Strategies for Readers of ALL Ages
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Maria Savoy

CEO/Founder/Publisher of Eydis Authentic Living Magazine and trueShift Success Coaching and Consulting Eydis represents a "Warrior Woman," “Goddess of the Island” and “Giver of Good Fortune.” It is a Scandinavian name that represents a creative, Imaginative and intuitive woman who chooses to leave the world a better place. Eydis Authentic Living Magazine was inspired with you in mind! We encourage you to live your best life by offering articles that inspire and empower our readers. Our vision is to offer both a digital media platform,, along with a print magazine, expanding into every community. To find our how we can expand into your community, visit Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.~ Margaret Mead I am also the President/Founder of trueShift Success, a coaching and consulting company helping new entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive. Say "Yes" to you! Earn a fabulous income while living in your power, manifesting your dreams and living the lifestyle you desire. With my combined 17 years of sales, marketing and publishing experience including owning my own woman’s publication for the last 7 years, the key to influence change is to meet people where they are and to introduce concepts that can empower them. After 25+ years of experience in advertising, marketing, public relations, and owning 5 successful businesses and selling two of them, I have a greater appreciation for the challenges that business owners face. In creating a platform that inspires many and a coaching business that helps the success of business owners, I am truly living my dream. My life and business coaching helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to thrive in every aspect of their lives. I also offering a licensing opportunity, much like a franchise; we are building a community of publishers and connecting community leaders.To learn more -
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Cynthia Besson

Educational Program designed to help teens with weight and self esteem. Our coaching program offers a six week online course for children from 8 and up. As seen on the Dr. Oz show, Fox, NBC and CBS. We also offer a training program for anyone interested in becoming a certified LHT coach. It takes a village and if we can help even ONE child from not being bullied, depressed, suicidal and hopeless then it's worth it.
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Lisa Manyon

Reverse engineering YOUR most powerful solutions into profitable revenue streams & creating marketing messages with integrity amplifying PASSION points instead of pain points
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Nancy T

Canine Behavioral Specialist Bridging the gap of communication between the needs of canines and their human families to create peace and balance in their lives.
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Tracy Lynne

Are You Ready to Fully Align with Your Purpose and Grow Your Biz?
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Scott Engler

• Landing a new position (you actually want) in half the amount of time of an average job seeker, and doing it spending 5-10xs less hours per week in your actual job search than you were before. • Intense experiences of clarity of what your unique strengths are, and learning to align them with your work related experience and passions to go after the type of position or career you didn't think was possible before. • Significant increases in your overall confidence; resulting in drastic improvements with your networking , job interviewing, personal branding, and salary negotiating skills. Symptoms may occur separately, or collectively. • Changes in your thought patterns and a transformation of your limiting beliefs: including, but not limited to - a completely new perspective on knowing your own worth & potential, and recognizing you do not need all the additional certifications and work experience to advance in your career you once believed you did.

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