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Maintaining positive interactions and relationships within your circles as well as extending outward to touch humanity and the environment are essential components for social wellness. Our capacity for strength

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Manuela Rohr

Yoga Teacher/Phönix Rising Yoga Therapist. I help you use yoga and mindfulness as a vehicle to discover how you do what you do so you can sit in the driver seat of your life. I especially support moms of special kids to discover who they are besides raising their precious child.
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Nicole Harcourt

Put It In Perspective is a proud member of the WU Universe.
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Lauren Raymond

What does "Joy" mean to you? Are you a parent with a hectic life, running in all different directions? When we live in this busy state, we don't feel joyful. We are too focused running around trying to get things done, get kids to school, activities, feed them dinner, provide homework time, get them to bed. Then we have our daily to do list: dishes, laundry, bills, getting ready for the next work/school day. The one thing that is missing in all of this is "Joy". When we know what Joy means to us, and we recognize what makes us truly "Joyful" we can learn to get ourselves in that state more often than not. When we live in a "Joyful" state, everyone around us feels that positive energy vibe and it transforms our entire surroundings, making life much more joyful!
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Melissa Schwartz

Melissa Schwartz is an Author, Speaker and Coach for Parents of Highly Sensitive Children (...and Highly Sensitive Adults!)

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