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Wonder, curiosity, and learning through active engagement with the world around you is the root of intellectual wellness. The ability to apply the lessons you have learned and create a better living environment through these experiences going forward.

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Maryann Patalano

I am a new thought/metaphysical author and teacher new thought principles. I facilitate workshops, deliver sermons and am the Author of two books- Journal Like God, and The Peephole Effect: Perception is Everthing
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Robert Alexander

I am an Audio Alchemist and I create personalized pieces of audio and graphic design for wellness businesses. I also offer private sessions for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Healers, Lightworkers, Practitioners and Empaths come to me for session work. I use guided imagery and design personalized music for each client so they are supported, heard and seen on their journey. I also have a weekly radio show on Mercury Broadcasting called “LifeRhythms Radio” and I have a partnership with The Wellness Universe. We are part of an amazing tribe and I am VERY excited to meet you and offer my support!
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Angela Gardner

Experience optimal living at work and at play.
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Chris Palmer

I help you learn to take as good care of yourself as yo do of the people in your life.
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Mitzi Wood

I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki master, and meditation teacher specializing in helping people achieve their goals and follow their life purpose using my Spiritual gifts. I have been a holistic psychotherapist for over 25 years and working with spiritual principles for over 30 years. I offer a transformational healing package that is 3 months long or a day long VIP package for people who want to work on their issues in a powerful, more focused way and achieve immediate results.

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