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Hosting Webinars, Classes, Series and more is Easy, Successful & Fun at The Wellness Universe Lounge Learning Platform.

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Because The Wellness Universe has earned a 5-star rating by over 1000 reviews and recommendations with nearly 10,000 registered students and 400+ recorded classes.

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Our virtual learning center is a great place to host your sessions. It’s robust, offers many benefits, and its technology is safe and secure. Aligning your brand with The Wellness Universe is a great decision for WU World-Changers!

“We have found a 90% retention rate in audiences – 90%!! Attendees who come to our sessions, stay for the duration of your session.” – Anna Pereira, Founder

In addition to being represented on The Wellness Universe’s Learning Center, your classes will be held in our library allowing students access your evergreen knowledge base long after your live session has ended. Hosting virtual sessions as an Instructor in The Lounge is free to WU World-Changers and is included with the Basic, Premium, and Premium Plus memberships.

Teachers impact the world. As an Instructor in The Lounge, get Visibility, Training & Enrollment.

Impact more people.

Make the world a better place.

Your sessions become part of The Wellness Universe Lounge library, The Learn it Live library, as well as partner sites.

Your sessions get shared on multiple platforms as a WU Instructor to a global audience of wellness seekers!

Anyone can register for sessions from anywhere in the world.

Hosting virtual sessions is a great tool to connect with people both face-to-face and virtually, spread your message, get new clients, and create an evergreen product!

Here are additional benefits to hosting sessions (you can host an unlimited number of them!):

  • Your Instructor’s account gives you yet another profile (searchable on Google and other search engines)
  • Instruct, teach classes, host an interview series, lead support groups, masterminds, network, host gatherings, panel discussions, summits, offer certifications, modules, etc.
  • Record your sessions and keep growing your following and expanding your client base long after your live session has ended
  • Offer discount codes to your best clients and to promote your session
  • Upload a welcome video to your Instructor page and to each individual class in the branding area
  • Sell your programs, items, or workshops by demonstrating how they can be utilized or talking about them without paying fees or commissions
  • List your fee-based services and custom request offerings on your profile
  • Invite guest teachers and use the breakout room feature
  • Use screen sharing
  • Up to 5000 students can attend your live sessions
  • Invite guests on camera, via audio, or use the chat to interact with them
  • Upload presentations, go on live video, or both
  • Have calls to action within your class and active links in your recordings
  • Message with your students
  • Generate class reports
  • We get to know you better and you become a go-to specialist for WU opportunities
  • You get personal support, tutorials, and training for the platform; we also offer marketing support
  • Join a private group to get tips, connect with other instructors to create collaborative efforts, and discover best practices and marketing ideas
  • Get coaching and tips to engage your live audience, connect with them, become a valuable resource, and develop relationships
  • Get promoted to millions of followers in addition to WU enrolled students
  • And much, much more

If you are ready to dive in and start hosting classes, all you have to do is sign up below for an instructor account.

Easy as 1-2-3! More details to get started with your Instructors account within your WU Profile Menu!

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Just a few things people are saying about The Lounge:

“The best solution for giving webinars on camera, with or without a presentation. Super fast recorded version! Usually available in a few hours from my live class. I have experienced services that took 2 days. Unlimited seats and the ability to sell my classes over and over with unlimited live attendance is by far two of the greatest benefits. I love the easy technology – they thought of everything and keep upgrading.”  Anna Pereira

“I’ve grown my business and have even started a new business and launched it through WU collaborations that started in The Lounge.” Lisa Meisels

“I love this platform!  I am used to giving truly live classes and was worried I wouldn’t feel connected to the attendees but this was not the case!  Between the live video and the ability to upload a pdf to use as a slide show, the webinars are very easy to put on.  The platform itself is user friendly and easy to learn.   You can ask folks to interact with you through the icons and the public chat.  The Wellness Universe has other forums for webinars beat hands down!”  Dru Ann Welch

“I have used a number of different platforms to host webinars and I find this one delightfully user friendly with a number of options available to fit your style of presenting. Not only am I able to interact with my participants either via live chat/video I love the chat room where my moderator can monitor questions. It is easy to learn and having the Wellness Universe community to support market your webinars across many social media platforms is a must have to gain exposure and grow your business!” Di Riseborough

“The Wellness Universe is excellent in providing yet another avenue to showcase our voices and knowledge! This easy to use platform allows you to share your style and teachings with an audience you could not reach without TWU. Thank you Anna and Shari!” Suzie Daggett

“I have used many webinar platforms over the past several years, and I just have to say The Wellness Universe Lounge is one of the best! It is easy for the presenter to use, user friendly for people to sign up and view, handles the collection of money effectively, well supported with help files and videos and is a wonderful way to connect with my audience with the combination of streaming video, slides, chat and more. It is my favorite membership ‘perk’ as a member of the Wellness Universe. And on top of all of that – the help from both The Wellness Universe and Learn It Live has been enormous in spreading the word about my webinars. For me – that support is invaluable.” Sharon Carne