Meet Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse, founders of The Wellness Universe.

Are you afraid of your vision?

Do you need to build trust?

Do you want to affect change?

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Founders of The Wellness Universe, Anna Pereira & Shari Alyse join Laura to discuss how women leaders and business owners can come together in an authentic way. As well as how Anna and Shari can support you to be your best and achieve your goals as you create change, plus much more and a special surprise.

In this episode

• How to have the courage of your vision

• How to Share Space with other leaders to affect change

• Why we need women leaders

• How to work as a team, especially as two women leaders

• Why integrity and authenticity is essential to build trust and achieve success

About Anna and Shari
Shari Alyse and Anna Pereira are the founders of The Wellness Universe, an online community, and platform of wellness providers, a company focused on being a catalyst for positive change on the planet.
Anna., The Evolutionary Catalyst, with a mission to bring out the best in you!.’ And Shari’s mission is to reignite the light within you and bring back your joy.

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