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Now Booking 2019 WU Featured Experts

10 replies, 4 participants Last updated by  The Wellness Universe 2 months, 1 week ago
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    The Wellness Universe

    Hello WU World-Changer!

    Want to have over 100 people join your next class?

    We are now booking 2019 WU Featured Experts! A very successful opportunity for WU to produce and market your masterclass, workshop, class with you!

    Here is what a few of our WU Featured experts have to say:

    “Collaborating with the brilliant women of The Wellness Universe to deliver my WU Expert talk was fantastic. They made it easy to deliver a high-quality, professional workshop to hundreds of listeners, provided all the tech support required, monitored the talk to make sure it ran smoothly and promoted the heck out of it to help me get more exposure than I expected. If you haven’t taken advantage of this program yet, don’t wait another minute!”

    Laura Di Franco, MPT, Owner of Brave Healer Productions


    “What a great opportunity the WU Expert Series was for me. It gave me so much exposure to share my message with the world. WU created beautiful images of my quotes as promotional material and helped every step of the way. They were very supportive and nurturing as I learned to navigate the online classroom. The promotion they did was wonderful, I saw the posts all over the place, social media, emails and their blogs. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity as it will boost your message in extraordinary ways.”

    Janette Stuart, Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles and Well-Being and Wonder.



    “Working with WU has been a dream! Collaborating with the WU team on the Expert Talk Series was an overall amazing experience. I felt supported, loved and visible online. The process was smooth, the instructions simple, the results fantastic and the support I received was like a blanket of love. The WU team did an incredible job of promoting my talk and walking me through the steps to maximize my exposure. An overall awesome experience! I highly recommend working with the Wellness Universe to expand your business!”

    Lisa Meisels, Online Visibility and Impact Catalyst



    “Being a part of the Wellness Universe community has been a supportive experience in every way for my coaching career. The WU team is there to support me in every way and has gotten my mission reach beyond what I could have possibly developed on my own.

    It was an amazing experience to be part of their WU Expert Talks series. In all honesty, I don’t know if I would have ever done virtual classes without the support of Anna Pereira and her team. They made what seemed daunting so easy. They explained what needed to happen each step of the way. They made amazing Mimes to market my first course. They also marketed my class to their far reaching community. They guided me through how to use their forum, and made what appeared complicated easy to navigate. They published 4 blogs I had written on associated topics to build traffic for my webinar, all increasing my visibility. Anna nurtured me to do my best work. I got far greater exposure than expected, and was then comfortable to put together my own 6 part paid webinar on their format. I will now be doing other series to get my message out to the world thanks to this very positive experience. This is an experience that you don’t want to miss, and it will take your business to the next level. Everything about this program was well done and highly professional and pushed me to the top of my game.”

    Cheryl Meyer, aka Cheryl M Health Muse



    This opportunity is open to Premium and Premium Plus members only and full details are located here: Premium & Premium Plus Group


    What do you get besides the title as a WU Featured Expert? Highlights for this paid opportunity:


    –        Your class will be produced and promoted by WU through our Lounge account. We have a 5 star rated account with over 300 reviews!

    –        WU will create all marketing materials and images to promote your production.

    –        WU will share it with our community of 3000+ to promote via email and include in ‘Daily Tweet’.

    –        WU will post/promote your FREE class for 3 weeks prior to the live class via twitter (daily) WU FB pages 2X a week and on Anna and Shari’s FB page = over 1M followers. Anna will also post on Linkedin (nearly 30K connections) 1X per week.

    –        Your class will be posted outside of social media in Meetups.

    –        An ad will be posted on the blog for 3 weeks.

    –        You will be given the title WU Featured Expert.

    –        WU has up to 4 spots per month to feature upgraded members, only 1 Expert Class per week.

    –        You will be trained on The Lounge and learn how to create, produce and market your own classes.

    –        Your class will be directly emailed to over 9,000 email subscribers. If your class is included in the Learn It Live email, that would be an additional over 100K email recipients! We ask but cannot promise they include, but they have included many of our classes in the past.

    –        You will receive the data/email addresses of your registered students. During the live class we let them know you will contact them to follow up.

    –        You have priority to publish a 1 to 3-part series on the WU Featured Blog with the link to the class that will run within the 3-week period prior to your class including an ‘In Article/Content Ad’ for your blog post. You can write 1 article or up to a 3 part series related to the topic you will be covering in your class. Example: Please see how Pamela wrote about angels to help promote her *classes. (*Pamela’s classes were not a WU produced class series. These were her own independent classes.)

    –        Anna or Shari will intro you and outro you and will be there the entire time to help manage the chat during your live session.

    –        Your live session will be recorded and kept in our library indefinitely.

    –        Anna will work one on one with you as a coach to pull this together with you. You will work on strategy, scheduling and marketing as well as get individualized coaching for the actual production via email and up to 2 face to face skype sessions.

    Details of Requirements:

    –        You must be an upgraded member at the time of your class and for 3 months thereafter.

    –        Your class should be between 30 – 45 minutes but no more than 60.

    –        You must include a giveaway and a contest for the live class. This encourages LIVE attendees.

    –        You can have 1 offer in your class at the end, the main focus of your class will be content based on your expertise.




    Here are a links to WU Expert Series: (Links enabled in The Scoop Group – Visit this thread to click on links)

    Lynda Goldman – Author in an Hour 

    Cheryl Meyer – Feel Great Now! Eliminate Toxins & Reduce Chronic Pain 

    Carolyn McGee – Tap Your Inner Wisdom for daily Clairy, Purpose and Joy

    Christina Bauer – How to Access the Power of Your Unshakable Presence

    Todd Le Bouef & Joanne Bisesi – Healing & Balancing Within Using Crystals, Music & Reiki

    Accolon Hollingsworth – Self-Care for Excellence with WU Featured Expert Accolon Hollingsworth

    Janette Stuart – Joy Masterclass

    Duane Light – Holistic Guide to Navigating Legal Issues with Calm, Clarity & Confidence 

    Lisa Meisels – Stand Out Online: 3 Secrets to Get Noticed 

    Laura Di Franco – Intuitive Writing for Healers Workshop




    We welcome you to be the next WU Expert!


  • #60782

    Swan Amanda Montague

    Dear Shari/Anna,

    Thank you for this invite and please do put me down for this.

    Thanks and gratitude for you ladies and all you do,

    Swan, xo

  • #60784

    Corine La Font

    Hi, thanks for the invitation. Yes, I am very interested.  Add me to the list and keep in touch, thanks


    • #61064

      The Wellness Universe

      Hi Corine – thank you for your interest. Please upgrade your membership to qualify for this paid opportunity.

      Thank you!


  • #60809

    Dolores Fazzino

    Hi Ladies,

    I am very interested, please add me to your list!


    In appreciation,



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