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Join us for a WU gathering in Mountainside, NJ on 10/20!

13 replies, 9 participants Last updated by  Anna Pereira 6 months ago
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    The Wellness Universe

    Join us! We are going to have a casual gathering to chat and get to meet face to face. It’s always exciting to meet each other in person and spend time getting to know WU World-Changers! This will be a room filled with inspirational power houses, rocking transformation and world change!! Who better to spend a casual, fun day with?


    Hosted by WU Founder, Anna Pereira

    This lunch is a casual gathering and networking opportunity while we enjoy lunch and drinks! Each is responsible for their own order/bill, please come prepared.

    Handing out business cards is welcomed, but the purpose of this is a no pressure, make a new friend atmosphere to connect in person. Authentic conversation and getting to know the real you is why we love these informal gatherings.

    Comment below to RSVP by 10/19

    Please private message @annapereira with your phone number to KIT if you RSVP.

    *Due to the potential for this to be a very large group, we will limit attendees to 20 people. Please RSVP ASAP (Bringing a friend or significant other is welcome)

    See you 10/20!


  • #58703

    Shari Alyse

    Wish I could join you all! I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

  • #58707

    Khrystle Rea

    Count me in!! 🙂

    • #58718

      Anna Pereira

      Fantastic Khrystle! Can’t wait to meet you 🙂 Also received your message – wuuuhuuuu!

  • #58715

    Sue Pritchard

    I’m sorry I cannot make it, as I will be having torn meniscus repair procedure on Friday.  If you ever have a meet up in the Philadelphia area, I would definately be interested!  Enjoy!


    • #58717

      Anna Pereira

      Speedy recovery Sue <3 Hope all goes well and will keep you posted!

  • #58811

    Isabella Read

    Thank you for your kind invitation. I live the other side of the pond so it would be a just a little impractical to try and make it. Have fun!

    • #58849

      Anna Pereira

      Thank you Isabella! We will have one on your side soon 🙂 Stay posted

  • #58812

    Chris Collins

    Thanks! I will be in St. Louis then! Any gatherings there?


    • #58850

      Anna Pereira

      Hi Chris! Thank you for letting me know – You are more than welcome to create one. We are not traveling there in the near future, but anything is possible! You can create a meet-up in the Meet-Up group and we will share it 🙂

  • #58852

    Sorry, but I will not be able to attend. Little too far for me. Have a wonderfully inspiring time!


    • #58878

      Anna Pereira

      Thank you Alicja! Will miss you – you have been here for some time and will meet one day 🙂



  • #58854

    Sarah R Burns

    Hi Anna:  I would LOVE to have attend and meet you and the others, but I am in Florida and not expected to go north for a few weeks.  Have a great time!  I hope to connect soon…

    • #58879

      Anna Pereira

      Hi Sarah! We will be in Miami soon!!
      Hope you can make it




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