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G.O.A.L. – New Member Welcome & Orientation Meeting

3 replies, 3 participants Last updated by  Shari Alyse 9 months, 1 week ago
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    The Wellness Universe

    Welcome to The Wellness Universe G.O.A.L Meeting. Your official welcome, orientation, introduction and even a bit of collaboration! This is your opportunity to dive in and be directly connected to the WU community and the Founders face-to-face! This meeting will launch your successful journey with us, for yourself personally and professionally. We have created G.O.A.L. to really give you the opportunity to share some of your goals and how WU will be able to help assist you in helping to achieve them. The paradigm of online connection is shifting as more and more people are feeling disconnected. Come be a part of this revolutionary shift we’re creating and join forces with WU in changing the world one happy, healthy and whole person at a time. We look forward to meeting you!

    Register Now – Join here:

    Access Code:   WUVIP619

    What you can expect by joining G.O.A.L.:
    – Fast tracks you to have presence with impact
    – Connects you to the community
    – Shares the vision, mission and how you are an essential part of it
    – Technical, Marketing and Business Q&A
    – Plan of action on how to get the most of your membership with WU
    – Coaching From The Founders of The Wellness Universe
    – Meet other World-Changers at the ‘after-party’

    Please register and join us 5 minutes before start time. You will be welcomed on camera for a meet and greet if you wish after the main presentation.

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    Shari Alyse

    So looking forward to meeting everyone!

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    Kalyani Fad

    Hi Shari!! I’m Kalyani Fad and just joined the group. I love to connect with you too!
    I would like to register to the G.O.A.L. class. I’m having problems signing up. It shows that my email does not exits. I already sent two emails to but they
    haven’t answered yet. Please advise what to do.

    Thank you!


  • #52884

    Shari Alyse

    Hi Kalyani!

    It’s a different login then it is here so you will want to create a new one as a new user. Hope that helps! Look forward to meeting you!

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