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Oh, how we love to share what we do! Post what it is (event, book launch, etc.) you want WU World-Changers to share and make a pact to support them when they need your support. There is strength in numbers and if you are looking for social support and will support others, here is where you want to drop a line. It’s a virtual conga line of having each other’s back and sharing good stuff from great people.

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In the spirit of ensuring all are uplifted and honored by our WU Group, we are called to outline our Code of Conduct. Perhaps it goes without saying, or it should, that by being part of this group, you agree to the code details listed below. Period. And we Thank You.

The Code:

1. All posts in this group will be clean, kind and considerate of all who wander in. This is a positive, empowering group and its members stand for what is good and compassionate and caring in the world. The Wellness Universe consistently strives to be a resource to find trusted sources displaying respect, decorum, good taste and information (as well as services, products, tools) that are in line with all types of Wellness. We do not have to like or agree on a personal level with you, and thusly you with each other. Our job (individually as well as a group) is to be supportive, or silent. We will NOT tolerate anything that is intentionally trying to cause discord within this community.

Therefore, the following will not be tolerated:

•Calling-out, demeaning, degrading, or undermining anyone in this group because you don’t agree with their business or any of their personal choices

•Spamming, pornography or graphic material of any sort.

2. Displaying Netiquette: You agree to share content respectfully and will not upload any material that is not your own, as your own – meaning you use the ‘share’ button so that each piece of content that is shared will lead back to the person who created it.

3. Authentic Connection versus Shameless Self Promotion: There is an essential distinction that must be made here. No one likes to be sold; people long to be inspired. Apparent in social media, as demonstrated in life, people will run from the car sales person or retail clerk who accosts them at the door. So too will folks flee and click away from anyone who’s apparent sole purpose is to sell. Authentic Connection is about sharing a part of yourself, your ideas and insights and leaving a person richer. This may or may not lead to a sale, but could lead to a genuine relationship that will build who you are and what you offer long-term.

– As You Uplift, the Higher You Rise – look for opportunities to celebrate others. Not with a reciprocation in mind, just celebrate and link to/share others works. You will set the stage for the service of your life and you cannot help but win. The more you give, the more you receive. Isn’t that easy and pure Awesome?!

4. Understand that ignoring this code will result in a warning and possible removal. Should you be abusive in any way, know that you will be banned and reported immediately.

Thank You for being a part of the this group. We appreciate and value each WU World-Changer and we know you will do the same. By being a WUVIP and a member of this group you are agreeing to the terms of our Code of Conduct.

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Share your services for March 2019

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    Samaria Nancy Cardinal

    Great place to let everyone know what services you offer. If you see something you don’t offer, please refer someone here to them.

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    Kelly St Claire

     it’s March Madness!! I’m offering 50% from all of my services including all packages with the code: LOVE50

    I help women change their negative self- perception around their bodies, emotional eating, reinventing their beauty so they confidently glide through all of the twists and turns of life. In addition to traditional health and wellness coaching I offer, there is a focus on crystals and the intuitive arts. Everyone walks away from a working with me with action and inspirational steps to a loving life with no shame.

    I offer a special 50 minute session I call the Shadow Session. It’s a powerful celebration of ALL of who you are and will help you gain clear insight into an area of your life. I pull from my entire toolbox including Crystal Readings, Wellness Coaching, Tarot and the Intuitive Arts. Is it a personalized experience.

    I offer Personalized Coaching that challenges negative self perception and supports you in your personal and health endeavors including Body Shame, Emotional Eating and other forms of Self Punishment and will help you find confidence, self-love, beauty, insight and you’ll learn how to feel beautiful.

    I offer Single Sessions as well as Packages and include Health and Wellness Care including Recipes, Menus, Support, Accountability in living a Healthy Lifestyle. This is all led by your custom needs.

    Once again, it’s March Madness and with the code: LOVE50 ALL Services (including Packages) are 50% off. Only this month, the code expires March 31st.


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    Tamara Hawk

    CO-CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT! Hi, Tamara Hawk here 🙂 I am a born Psychic Medium as well as an Intuitive, Energy Worker, Energy Healer and Psychic Coach. I am based in beautiful Chilliwack, BC, Canada. However, many of my services (phone and email Psychic Readings, phone Mediumship Readings, Psychic Coaching and Energy Clearing & Healing Sessions) are offered worldwide.

    As with all things my intention is to help inspire you to shine your light brightly, live your purpose and spread Peace and Love.

    EMPOWERING PERSPECTIVES AND DIVINE GUIDANCE ~ Start gaining greater clarity in 2019 through intuitive and empowering perspectives.
    Learn about the influences in your life and make more informed decisions that are supported by your guides and Higher Self.

    Receive the many divine benefits of a personalized phone, email or in person Psychic Reading.
    Starting as low as $75 USD/reading, Psychic Readings are available in 15 – 60 minute sessions and ongoing support packages.

    CHANGING FOR YOUR HIGHEST AND BEST GOOD ~ Ready to really make some changes in your life and needing some guidance?
    Wanting to know your next steps on your life path?
    Looking for some personal training for your Soul?

    I can help you start improving any area (career, relationships, home…) through the magic of energy work, the Law of Attraction and manifestation with Psychic Coaching & Mentoring.
    Psychic Coaching & Mentoring includes 12 sessions between 45-90 minutes long and can occur weekly or biweekly.

    Learn more about me, my psychic abilities and my services on my website:

    Much Love!
    Tamara Hawk

    Member of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce
    Member of the Best Psychic Directory

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    Samantha Cervino P.

    Hello 🙂

    I am one of WU’s Ambassadors and Chat group moderator. I have a background in teaching, preschool & elementary school working with special needs children as well as I am an energy healing practitioner specializing in Reiki and EFT Tapping, published Author and self development coach.

    This month of March I am hosting two classes on Learn It Live and I am happy to share the links on here with you. This coming Saturday March 16th my class is on Gratitude Affirmations and on March 23rd I will be teaching all about EFT Tapping. These classes are very interactive and the information I will share and teach will serve you for life.

    Here are the links and I hope to see you then!


    Thank you,


    Samantha C


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    Kim Winkler

    I offer Chios Energy Healing. Chios is a chakra-focused modality that uses specific techniques to rebalance and unblock the chakras, restore or repair issues with the energy field, and even has an advanced technique for treating energetic damage from past lives. It was developed over the course of about 20 years by Stephen Barrett and his guides; he introduced it in the early 2000s. Chios can be done by distance or in person.

    I’ve been a Certified Chios Master Teacher since 2006, when I asked a friend to teach me after he did a Chios session with me. The results of that session in helping me deal with past trauma and other issues were profound, and I wanted to share it with others.

    I have openings for clients, in-person (in the northeastern Massachusetts area) or by distance, as well as for students. Chios instruction with me includes attunements, guidance through the Chios manual, and Level 1 instruction also includes two Chios sessions at no additional cost. Students get a 25% discount off any sessions beyond those two for the entire length of time they’re enrolled with me. Attunements and instruction can also be done in person or by distance.

    If you’d like to find out more, please visit my website,, or feel free to message me here.

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