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Oh, how we love to share what we do! Post what it is (event, book launch, etc.) you want WU World-Changers to share and make a pact to support them when they need your support. There is strength in numbers and if you are looking for social support and will support others, here is where you want to drop a line. It’s a virtual conga line of having each other’s back and sharing good stuff from great people.

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– As You Uplift, the Higher You Rise – look for opportunities to celebrate others. Not with a reciprocation in mind, just celebrate and link to/share others works. You will set the stage for the service of your life and you cannot help but win. The more you give, the more you receive. Isn’t that easy and pure Awesome?!

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Share Your Events For February 2018

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    Samaria Nancy Cardinal

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    Samaria Nancy Cardinal

    Sacral Chakra – Dance Of Sensuality

    Wednesday, February 21 at 7pm

    Calgary, AB

    This multi-modality workshop is more than just dance.

    It takes place in sacred space by a facilitator with over 20 years of experience in creating sacred circles of healing.

    The workshop brings out the beautiful inner Goddess that resides in us all. We connect with that part of us, our incredible feminine energy that is beautiful, Divine, and creative.

    When we connect to the Sacral Chakra and our inner Goddess we connect to our passion, desire, sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, senses, and become a vessel for creativity.

    For when we connect to our womb space, the space of creation in the physical world, we open wonderful possibilities and potential in ourselves.

    We will go on a journey to meet our inner Goddess using the element of water. On this journey you may meet a water animal or water guide to assist you.

    Chakradance TM uses guided meditation, journeying, conscious movement (dance), mandala art therapy, sharing, and information in a sacred space for the participant to do self-healing.
    If you are not a dancer, that’s okay. You do not have to dance. You can enjoy the experience just as much sitting or laying on the ground during the dance portion.
    The dance of the sacral chakra can be inspired by the feminine dances found in the Middle East, South America and Hawaii. Dances from these regions celebrated many of the qualities associated with the sacral chakra, including feelings, emotions and sexuality. This sacral dance can be slow and sensual, or flirtatious and erotic, with fluid movements of the hips and lower belly. Throughout this dance one transforms into a gypsy, a belly dancer, an ancient goddess, as we surrender to the serpentine movements of the feminine.
    If you are shy about dancing in front of others please don’t be. The dance portion of the workshop is done in a darkened room and participants are asked to keep their eyes closed or use eye masks. This is done because it increases the participants focus inwards, as this is soulwork.

    Everyone has their own unique experience and journey during each workshop.

    For more information please go to our website



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    I’d love YOUR support on my BIG DAY! <3

    On February 28th, my book, Awakening to Life: Your Sacred Guide to Consciously Creating a Life of Purpose, Magic & Miracles will be released by Inspired Living Publishing. I’m soooo excited!

    Coaches, business owners, and creatives I’d be honored if you’d join me as a LAUNCH PARTNER.

    In exchange for your support your OPT-IN GIFT will be offered as a bonus gift.

    Imagine the visibility you’ll receive when you partner with Inspired Living Publishing, Aspire Magazine, and 50+ launch partners.

    Get all the details and confirm your placement today:

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    Theresa Micheletti

    YOU ARE INVITED! Spiritual Retreat 4th Annual –by the ocean @ Asilomar, CA sharing knowledge to get thru life a little easier from years of trances with Spirit Guides Raheim & Iena (Francine) including meditation to a Temple in Heaven, Prayers for ourselves, others and the world, and more. Presenter: Rev. Theresa (optional add-on hypnosis classes to Heaven pre and post retreat) Event link: ALL questions welcome.

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    Cheryl Meyer

    Cancer symposium Starts Feb 15


    I would like to invite you to join 21 experts in health and cancer and listen to  Erin Ley’s Thrive Onward and Upward with Cancer Symposium.

    This online series can “Instantly Boost Your Quality Of Life Post-Diagnosis!”

    I am honored to be a speaker in this series.  After I finished writing It Feels Good to Feel Good, I have been speaking to groups about the dangers of toxins that are everywhere in our daily lives. My mission is to help others take control of their health and make the changes that can significantly improve their quality of life.
    Although I wrote the book for people with inflammation and autoimmune disease, I now understand that inflammation is one of the key root causes of many of our chronic diseases, cancer, strokes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes (both type I and type II)  even depression is impacted by inflammation.


    I have spoken to cancer groups because not only have cancer survivors been attacked by the disease, but then also by the treatment.  They can not afford to be attacked by the toxins in their lives.  They need direction to help them “clean up”.  I want to share my information to help them do just that.


    Erin Ley, our host of this symposium, is a cancer survivor.  She has also lost close loved ones to cancer.  Her mission is to help other cancer survivors with tips to boost their quality of life Post Diagnosis, and she has put together an amazing online event  with 21 caring health professionals with a passion to share their tips with you to live a long life and thrive.
    When someone is confronted with a cancer diagnosis, it usually evokes fear, anxiety, confusion, anger, remorse, and resentment. However, it also evokes immediate appreciation for life far greater than ever before. Things get put into perspective. It’s an opportunity for growth and allows the patient to soar to new heights on many levels.
    Increasing the quality of life and peace of mind for cancer patients is what this online event is all about. We share extraordinary incite, powerful examples, ground-breaking cutting-edge information, and collaborative advise you couldn’t put a price on that WILL change your life.


    This is the amazing list of speakers you will hear for free when you sign up for this series:

    Speaker Schedule

    Day 1: 2/15- Dr. Bernie Siegel
    Day 2: 2/16- Victor Wedel
    Day 3: 2/17- Kristen Hagopian
    Day 4: 2/18- Avinoam Lerner
    Day 5: 2/19- Diana Jordan
    Day 6: 2/20- Beth Greer
    Day 7: 2/21- Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
    Day 8: 2/22- David Tabatsky
    ​​​​​​​Day 9: 2/23- Darren Neuberger
    Day 10: 2/24- Susan Apollon
    Day 11: 2/25- Leyla Ali
    Day 12: 2/26- Andrew Schorr
    ​​​​​​​Day 13: 2/27- Danielle Duperret
    ​​​​​​​Day 14: 2/28- Cheryl Meyer
    Day 15: 3/1- Denise Povernick
    Day 16: 3/2- Leticia Croft-Holguin
    ​​​​​​​Day 17: 3/3- Bill Aron
    Day 18: 3/4- Tari Prinster
    Day 19: 3/5- Jennifer Manning
    Day 20: 3/6- Gigi Belmonico
    Day 21: 3/7- Jenny Mulks Wieneke

    There are 21 experts participating in this world-wide event who are not only offering their personal stories and expertise, they are also offering FREE gifts to help you on your endeavor to live a more fulfilling life, a life filled with quality and peace.

    This summit goes live February 15 and runs for 21 days.

    To get FREE access to this world-wide event, go to


    Right now is such a crucial time to set the direction for your life. Join us as we empower you to take another step onward, with greater peace of mind, toward the dreams and goals you’ve set for your present and future. Join me, Erin, and 20 other experts, so we can support you in doing just that—the leap into a life of countless options, greater quality of life, and peace of mind.


    If you are a cancer survivor, or have loved ones that are cancer survivors, friends, family, co-workers, please sharethe information about this conference with them.  The insights and tips by this group of experts can make a big difference in their lives.

    To get FREE access to this world-wide event, go to

    If you have any questions, or want more information, don’t hesitate to write to me at

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    Janette Stuart
    @janettestuart  #WUVIP

    I may be a little early to the event party but I’m so excited to share the joy.  Come join our live event in the Bay Area, Sat. Mar. 10.  See the above link for details.



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    Samaria Nancy Cardinal

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