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Sharing on social media is supported in this group. Post under the weekly share thread to be shared to The Wellness Universe’s social media machines and pick up and drop off your shares for social media. This includes memes (posters), blogs, videos, etc.

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You can also post questions or tips regarding social media as well as in the Business Buzz, but please only post in 1 group.

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Enjoy being here!

In the spirit of ensuring all are uplifted and honored by our WU Group, we are called to outline our Code of Conduct. Perhaps it goes without saying, or it should, that by being part of this group, you agree to the code details listed below. Period. And we Thank You.

The Code:

1. All posts in this group will be clean, kind and considerate of all who wander in. This is a positive, empowering group and its members stand for what is good and compassionate and caring in the world. The Wellness Universe consistently strives to be a resource to find trusted sources displaying respect, decorum, good taste and information (as well as services, products, tools) that are in line with all types of Wellness. We do not have to like or agree on a personal level with you, and thusly you with each other. Our job (individually as well as a group) is to be supportive, or silent. We will NOT tolerate anything that is intentionally trying to cause discord within this community.

Therefore, the following will not be tolerated:

•Calling-out, demeaning, degrading, or undermining anyone in this group because you don’t agree with their business or any of their personal choices

•Spamming, pornography or graphic material of any sort.

2. Displaying Netiquette: You agree to share content respectfully and will not upload any material that is not your own, as your own – meaning you use the ‘share’ button so that each piece of content that is shared will lead back to the person who created it.

3. Authentic Connection versus Shameless Self Promotion: There is an essential distinction that must be made here. No one likes to be sold; people long to be inspired. Apparent in social media, as demonstrated in life, people will run from the car sales person or retail clerk who accosts them at the door. So too will folks flee and click away from anyone who’s apparent sole purpose is to sell. Authentic Connection is about sharing a part of yourself, your ideas and insights and leaving a person richer. This may or may not lead to a sale, but could lead to a genuine relationship that will build who you are and what you offer long-term.

– As You Uplift, the Higher You Rise – look for opportunities to celebrate others. Not with a reciprocation in mind, just celebrate and link to/share others works. You will set the stage for the service of your life and you cannot help but win. The more you give, the more you receive. Isn’t that easy and pure Awesome?!

4. Understand that ignoring this code will result in a warning and possible removal. Should you be abusive in any way, know that you will be banned and reported immediately.

Thank You for being a part of the this group. We appreciate and value each WU World-Changer and we know you will do the same. By being a WUVIP and a member of this group you are agreeing to the terms of our Code of Conduct.

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Daily Tweet Friday Sept. 13th

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    The Wellness Universe

    Happy #FollowFriday #WUVIP’s! It’s Daily Tweet time!

    – Copy and paste into Twitter. Images are already included.
    – WUVIP’s —> Make sure to keep the #WUVIP hashtag and get RT’ed

    Daily Tweets:

    1.       Featured Blog of the Day by @thewellnessuniverse

    The Importance of Being #Present –  #Blog by @TheWellnessUniv #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Presence


    2.       Featured Blog of the Day by @rachaeltaylor

    20 #Tips for Being More #Confident –  #Blog by #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger Rachael Taylor #Confidence


    3.      The Easiest Way to Be #1 in Google:

    Health & Wellness Practitioners, Professionals, Coaches, here is the easiest way to be #1 in Google (for $0!!) #WUWorldChanger #Wellness #Leadership #Health #Blog #Directory #Community


    4.       Looking for Inspiring Stories

    The Wellness Universe seeks inspiring stories to share with the world. Submit your #inspiring story today … Get published #truestory #blog #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger

    5.       WU Testimonials:

    * 1.   We are creating positive change for a better world. Want to join us? …
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    Become a WU World-Changer today! #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #wellnesss @Inspiredbyhilde

    6.     Seeking Blog Contributors:

    We are seeking Blog Contributors. Write about #health, wellness, well-being? Get featured & included in our community & #Wellness Universe directory! #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger

    Upcoming Lounge Webinars:


    * Sept. 16th ~The Wellness Universe September 2018 Guided Meditation w/ @KimBayne: Being Unconditional Love

    Whether you are a beginner or a pro, #guidedmeditations can offer a wonderful #exercise for your brain. Raise your #vibration with our #FREE #monthly #meditations w/ @KimLLP –  #WellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChangers


    * Sept. 26th ~Feel Great Now! Eliminate Toxins & Reduce Chronic Pain w/WU Expert @Cherylmeyer

    The time is now to FEEL GREAT! Eliminate #Toxins & #FeelBetter #LivePainFree #LoseWeight Join our #FreeClass w WU Featured Expert Cheryl Meyer @goldenathena7 #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger


    * Wellness Classes – Meditations, Workshops, Master Classes & More!

    Over 250 classes for your #Health #Wellness #Wellbeing   Many are #free – Join or watch a #Workshop or #Class today! Live & Recorded #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger Monthlyfree #GuidedMeditation


    Weekly FB Live ‘WU Inspired Sessions with


    How to join The WellnessUniverse:

    The #Wellness Universe – find people who support your well-being #Blog #WUWorldChanger

    #WUWorldChanger Member Affiliates:

    Sharing great stuff from our awesome #WUVIP family –> <— #WUWorldChanger #Wellness #shop

    Do you love WU as much as we do? Support WU and tweet about us!

    Pick as many as you like, copy and paste, and tweet away!

    1.       Not feeling your best? I think a #WUWorldChanger can help.

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    3.       Stressed out, overwhelmed & overworked? I know someone who understands #WUVIP #Wellbeing

    Spreading the Twitter love and growing your Twitter following with excellent content:

    – Follow and follow back #WUVIP & #WUFriend
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    Thank you so much for your support!

    Team WU


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