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Create a meet-up in your city! Are you traveling and want to meet WU members? With WU World-Changers located around the globe, why not create a meet and greet, grab coffee, or networking event? Miracles happen when two or more WU World-Changers gather … So they say 😉

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In the spirit of ensuring all are uplifted and honored by our WU Group, we are called to outline our Code of Conduct. Perhaps it goes without saying, or it should, that by being part of this group, you agree to the code details listed below. Period. And we Thank You.

The Code:

1. All posts in this group will be clean, kind and considerate of all who wander in. This is a positive, empowering group and its members stand for what is good and compassionate and caring in the world. The Wellness Universe consistently strives to be a resource to find trusted sources displaying respect, decorum, good taste and information (as well as services, products, tools) that are in line with all types of Wellness. We do not have to like or agree on a personal level with you, and thusly you with each other. Our job (individually as well as a group) is to be supportive, or silent. We will NOT tolerate anything that is intentionally trying to cause discord within this community.

Therefore, the following will not be tolerated:

•Calling-out, demeaning, degrading, or undermining anyone in this group because you don’t agree with their business or any of their personal choices

•Spamming, pornography or graphic material of any sort.

2. Displaying Netiquette: You agree to share content respectfully and will not upload any material that is not your own, as your own – meaning you use the ‘share’ button so that each piece of content that is shared will lead back to the person who created it.

3. Authentic Connection versus Shameless Self Promotion: There is an essential distinction that must be made here. No one likes to be sold; people long to be inspired. Apparent in social media, as demonstrated in life, people will run from the car sales person or retail clerk who accosts them at the door. So too will folks flee and click away from anyone who’s apparent sole purpose is to sell. Authentic Connection is about sharing a part of yourself, your ideas and insights and leaving a person richer. This may or may not lead to a sale, but could lead to a genuine relationship that will build who you are and what you offer long-term.

– As You Uplift, the Higher You Rise – look for opportunities to celebrate others. Not with a reciprocation in mind, just celebrate and link to/share others works. You will set the stage for the service of your life and you cannot help but win. The more you give, the more you receive. Isn’t that easy and pure Awesome?!

4. Understand that ignoring this code will result in a warning and possible removal. Should you be abusive in any way, know that you will be banned and reported immediately.

Thank You for being a part of the this group. We appreciate and value each WU World-Changer and we know you will do the same. By being a WUVIP and a member of this group you are agreeing to the terms of our Code of Conduct.

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    Shari Alyse posted an update in the group Meet-Ups
    4 days till we close the doors to SoulTreat. Come be with your community. Come build your business. Come connect with other World-Changers and create collaborative partnerships. Come take some time for YOU. Your continued growth and healing. Your self-care and love. Come fill your cup, dear one. Come spend 2 days in one of the most magical and healing places on Earth, Sedona. If you’re even slightly curious, listen to that guidance within and simply say YES. Your life will never be the same. See you in Sedona at SoulTreat! Can’t wait to connect IN PERSON! Shari Co-Founder, The Wellness Universe Member-SoulTreat-image1
    The Wellness Universe posted an update in the group Meet-Ups
    It's time for WU Happy Hour!!! Join World-Changer @andreawarren as she hosts an online social gathering of our World-Changers! Kick Off 2019 with WU World-Changer Andrea Warren on Jan 17th at 5:30 pm EST for Happy Hour, an online virtual gathering for WU World-Changers. Andrea will facilitate a new space for you to gather and kick back amongst your WU World-Changer community for a wonderful bot of 'self-time'. "My goal is to create a space where you can come as you are and take a BIG deep breath. We will meet bi-weekly and discuss what's top of mind; topics may range from spiritual healing techniques, books, recipes, our practices and more. Growing as health and wellness providers, coaches and spiritual healers is not just about building a thriving business it's also about creating a community of friends who you can do life with too. So, bring your favorite beverage, healthy snack and let's get to know one another." Finally, a destination for you to come as you are and join a soul-nourishing conversation that will recharge your spirit and raise your vibe! Register here: HH-117
    Andrea Warren posted an update in the group Meet-Ups
    This weeks meet up was super fun! If you want to meet WU members in a social setting and connect on a deeper level with REAL conversations about life, then make sure to register. The meetings will not be recorded; my goal is to create a safe place for people to share. I look forward to seeing you on the 23rd of Oct at 5:30 EST. Let's DO Life Together
    Shari Alyse posted an update in the group Meet-Ups
    Let's meet up in Sedona! You serve so many. You take care of everyone. Who is taking care of YOU? World-Changers, it's time for you to take care of YOU! Gift yourself with a long weekend of soul-healing, soul-filling and soul-connecting experiences! Gift yourself with releasing, resetting and reigniting that beautiful and powerful spirit of yours. Gift yourself with SoulTreat! Join us, The Wellness Universe, April 4-6, 2019 in Sedona, AZ for a members only retreat. 3 full days of connection, healing and fun! You might be thinking of all the reasons why you can't, but I encourage you to pause and remember that YOU are worthy of your time too. Morning Activities (Optional) -vortex hikes -guided meditations -yoga Official Program * Wellness workshops presented by fellow WU members (check FB posts for details of workshops/talks) * Daily group discussions * Networking time * Traditional Native American Fire Ceremony * Collaboration & knowledge-sharing session * Lunch and snacks provided daily Evenings Out (Optional) -Dinners -Live Music -Stargazing More Info --> Reserve your hotel (for no charge right now) before they are sold out and grab your seat at SoulTreat! See you in Sedona :) Screen-Shot-2018-07-23-at-1.43.22-PM
    Shari Alyse posted an update in the group Meet-Ups
    YES! We're doing it again! Tired of scrolling endlessly looking for new connections and relationships? Yeah, me too! I created The Joy Spot because I think it's so important for us to connect in real life. To spend time around people who want was to support you, cheer you on and just listen. To have a space and a place where you can be YOU. The Joy Spot is the place where there are no expectations of you. Stop by. Have a snack, a drink, a laugh. Whatever you want. I'm just holding space. I'll probably be a bit goofy, tell some bad jokes and talk a lot because, well, that's what I do. I invite you to come do what you do. Hope to see you Wednesday, 9/12 at The Joy Spot! Limited space! MUST RSVP by 9/10 HERE: $20 includes WINE, snacks and cool people (oh, and me) 5614F5F5-2CF8-440C-8AC4-9D3969991C9E
    Sara Troy posted an update in the group Meet-Ups
    Just moved to Victoria BC Canada, are there any meetups here? Would love to meet some like souled people. inspire-
    Linda Gillan posted an update in the group Meet-Ups
    Join us for this WU Meet-Up - LIVE GUIDED MEDITATION Let's gather for this LIVE guided #meditation Have something you want to release & let go of? Let's do it together! #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger … See you there! with @KimLLP & Music by @AmyCamieHarp #virtual #meetupWU-Monthly-MEDITATION-n-Feb1
    Linda Gillan posted an update in the group Meet-Ups
    In the midst of your festive celebrations, please connect with people you meet along the way "A Smile Can Change A Day and Save A Life Blessings ♥ Linda merry-everything2
    Shari Alyse posted an update in the group Meet-Ups
    REMINDER: RSVP by TODAY if you are joining, Founders of WU, Anna & Shari, in Los Angeles for dinner and fun! Such an awesome opportunity to connect with other WU World-Changers in person. When: 11/28 at 6pm Where: The Cheesecake Factory 15301 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 Everyone is responsible for their own dinner but we will hold responsibility for you having fun! 🙂 We so look forward to meeting you! Anna & Shari meet-up-
    Linda Gillan posted an update in the group Meet-Ups
    Are you in Australia, or planning a visit Nov 2017 - Feb 2018. I'm flying home to Perth and would love to meet up with you. Msg or email me AU-Meetup-Nov-Feb
    Linda Gillan posted an update in the group Meet-Ups
    Wonderful Wednesday Where in the world are YOU ? Have you told us where you are based ? We are collating Members' whereabouts for meetups in your area. ♥ Linda and Patricia @patricialove @lindagillan WU-MEETUP-HEART