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SE #36: Holiday Storms in the Family?

14 December 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Families and family gatherings can prove stressful for many people—especially around the holidays, when we are often expected to show up. Getting together with families can be a wonderful source of love and joy, but somehow, these events also seem to come with a lot of drama: too much noise, everyone trying to get heard at the same time, frayed tempers, arguments, tears. No doubt you have experienced some of this for yourself.

It’s no wonder that so many people look at an approaching holiday season with apprehension or, in some cases, dread! After all, who doesn’t have an aging aunt or uncle who smells funny and is maybe just a little too touchy-feely? Or an older sibling who always seems to know better than you do? And don’t forget the father or mother who really doesn’t like the path you have chosen, or the college you went to, or the person you married. Individually, we can recognize that these people all mean well, and we can deal with them successfully most of the time. But when they all come together under the same roof for a holiday event, look out! We can just feel our bodies tightening up in anticipation of the inevitable storm we’ll almost certainly have to endure.

How can we not only survive these gatherings, but come away having enjoyed the company of our loved ones? What advance steps can we take so that we leave the event having had a time of fun, laughter, and shared special memories—with a true heart’s desire of creating more in the future? How can we prepare ourselves so that we are not consumed by the drama, but instead just see it all as an endearing aspect of our loving (if crazy) family?

Although the holidays may have you imagining that you are approaching a tidal wave in a row boat, you can prepare yourself, and even set yourself up for an enjoyable experience. In this episode of Soul Empowerment, we are going to discuss lots of different ideas and recommendations, so that you’ll be able to look back and congratulate yourself for breezing through the storm—with a smile on your face! Here’s a snapshot of what we’ll be discussing:

* Everyone Has Issues
* Family Structures, Tone, Attention
* Communication Skills
* Stopping the Cycle of Pain
* Saying What You Mean

This is going to be another exciting and entertaining episode that you surely won’t want to miss. Come join the Soul Empowerment team and share your own thoughts and experiences in the chat. Let’s all work together to make our collective holiday season as enjoyable as possible.

More About the Team:
Sara Jane: Reiki & Vocal Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner. Having worked on herself & healed her own early years trauma & hurt, Sara now supports clients, from her own experiences, to heal their own trauma & live a more fulfilling & happy life. Learn more & experience Free Tasters: www.VocalReiki.com

Nancy Stevens: International Certified Coach, Wellness Universe blogger, talk show host on “News For The Soul Radio”. She is also an accomplished speaker, educating groups and organizations about personal development and healthy well-being. www.NancyStevensCoaching.com

Kristi Borst, PhD: Integrative quantum healer. Her Perspective Reboot® process helps others release self-limiting beLIEfs, karmic/ancestral burdens, chakra blocks, and childhood traumas, which present as illness, pain, feeling lost/stuck. Sessions worldwide, all ages, private, couples, groups. www.DistanceEnergy.com


14 December 2022
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm