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LMTV #217: Journey of Service (Kellan Fluckiger)

1 March 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

Some people believe that service to others is its own reward, and maybe one of the highest of virtues. Most people agree that they experience a lot of joy and satisfaction when they offer service to others without expecting anything in return. But even service to others can be self-serving in nature, especially when it is motivated by thoughts and beliefs of the ego-mind.

Consider a couple of hypothetical questions. How many people have chosen the path of asceticism, taking vows of chastity and poverty, because they wanted the world to see them as superior, enlightened beings? How many wealthy philanthropists throughout history appeared initially to be benefitting mankind, only to be exposed later as corrupt narcissists hell-bent on making themselves look good in the public eye?

A journey of service is something that is best guided by the heart and soul—not the mind. This means that true service to others must be a part of our spiritual purpose for being, which of course emanates out of the deepest truth of who we really are. In this episode of Life Mastery TV, I’ve invited back my friend Kellan Fluckiger, a coach and best-selling author, to share his perspective and ideas on this subject. As someone who has begun a powerful journey to bring a message of love and hope to 50 million souls and help them discover and share their divine gifts, Kellan has taken on a significant mantle of leadership. Here’s a sampling of what we plan to discuss in the program:

* Divine Inspiration
* What Does Service Mean?
* Dealing with Fear
* Living Your Authentic Life

There is something magical that happens within us when we give generously in service to other people—especially when they are less fortunate than we are. When we live authentically, from a place of unconditional love, then we are able to bring compassion into the world effortlessly, and we expand ourselves in the process. Give yourself permission to live authentically and share your gifts with the world.

About Kellan Fluckiger
Kellan Fluckiger is an international business coach and author of numerous best-selling books. He has held C-level positions in the US and Canada, where he amassed high-pressure consulting experience that prepared him for his current role.

Following a near-death experience that held him in a coma for 3 weeks, Kellan emerged with new passion and fervor for life. He now finds great joy in helping those who want to end addiction to mediocrity and realize their own full divine potential.