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Creating an Embodied World – Discussion and Q & A

May 11 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm


“In “Creating an Embodied World,” we discuss the profound connection between our physical existence and overall wellness. The term ‘embodied world’ may prompt the question, “Aren’t we all inherently embodied, possessing a body?” Indeed, we are.

Yet, ‘embodiment’ and ‘somatics’ transcend mere physicality; they represent a conscious journey towards integrating our body’s wisdom with our mental and emotional landscapes. These ideas have gradually woven their way into mainstream conversations, becoming ever more pivotal in recent years in both personal growth dialogues and wellness industry narratives.

Understanding these concepts, which carry centuries-old wisdom for healing, good health, personal transformation, and world peace, helps each of us navigate our ever-changing world. Additionally, coaches, therapists, and other healers who have not yet encountered these thoughts will be able to understand the importance of their neuro-regulation in both therapy sessions and in their activities.

These practices are not just about self-care; they are about survival in a world that can often feel overwhelming. By fostering a deeper connection with our own physicality, we can create a buffer against the barrage of stimuli that threaten to disrupt our equilibrium. In essence, Embodiment and somatic work serve as anchors, helping us navigate the tumultuous seas of modern life with greater resilience and composure. With new developments in the science of the brain, we are also able to work with the effects of trauma in new and successful way.

These practices invite you to forge a deeper bond with your inner self, your physical being, and the immediacy of the now. They serve as gateways to exploring your identity, embracing your true self, and undergoing meaningful change. By integrating these practices into your routine, you unlock doors to a myriad of new possibilities and life experiences.

It’s important to note that the path to embodiment isn’t about reaching an ideal state or a specific goal. Rather, it’s about the ongoing journey of harmonizing with your body, heeding its innate knowledge, and nurturing a profound level of awareness and presence. Every moment on this path is a chance for personal evolution and restoration.

Envision a world where embodiment is the norm: a society where everyone is profoundly connected to their own bodies and the emotional states of those around them. In this world, people would naturally self-regulate, fostering a collective harmony of the heart.

Through our examination of skillful embodiment and somatic practices, we’ll unearth and explore ancient wisdom that offers not just pathways to personal healing and transformation, but also to global harmony.”

The Class Description is an excerpt from The Wellness Universe Blog, “Creating an Embodied World,” from Episode 1, published April 11th, 2024. The first three episodes constitute a Series introducing and exploring this topic.

This class offers a 60-minute presentation and a full half-hour for questions and open conversation about this fascinating topic. Future classes will offer experiential learning in Embodiment and Somatics, with participatory body-work classes and themed courses.


May 11
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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